Custom Pins & Accessories

Attention to detail is the secret sauce for a superior presentation, and there's no better way to add a subtle yet unmissable touch than pins and other small accessories. They can add a fun finishing touch, or highlight and elevate your brand. Less formal than embroidery, but can often reflect your concept in a more creative way, and staff can individualize their looks more readily.


For GT Prime, we created one rabbit and one fox die-struck pin style with "GT" engraving to round out their woodland theme.
For Billy Sunday, we used some of their existing iconography for this eye-catching duo:
Billy Sunday Pins
Hotel Kansas City was looking for designs for their Front Desk, their rustic and refined restaurant concept The Town Co., and the Western-inspired speakeasy El Gold.
Hotel Kansas City Pins

Tie Bars

Stock Mfg. for Gibsons Steakhouse
Chicago staple Gibsons wanted to elevate their staff uniforms with the small but undeniably eye catching addition of a tie bar featuring their name and logo in a shiny silver metallic finish.
Stock Mfg. for Daxton Hotel
We topped off Aparium Hotel Group's Daxton Hotel uniform program with some shiny new engraved tie bars for their staff.


Lefty's Keychain by Stock Mfg. 
Stock Mfg for Boka Restaurant Group
BOKA Restaurant Group's Lefty's concept wanted a keychain modeled after a home plate to fit their theme, and we obliged.
James Beard Keychain for BOKA Restaurant Group (Stock Mfg.)
BOKA also asked us for a high-quality solid metal keychain in the style of the James Beard Award. We meticulously vectorized the logo and the finished product became a coveted gift from the illustrious restaurant group.