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Chicago Hospitality United Tee - Black
Chicago Hospitality United Tee - Black
Chicago Hospitality United Tee - Black
Chicago Hospitality United Tee - Black Chicago Hospitality United Tee - Black

Chicago Hospitality United Tee - Black

$25.00 USD

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COVID-19 has affected all of us, but few more directly than our friends in the hospitality industry. The (certainly understandable) government shut-down on bars and restaurants has put thousands of our friends and family out of work for the foreseeable future. Just as we rely on them to keep Chicago one of the most vibrant dining cities in the world, they rely on us to support them through good times and bad. 100% of the net proceeds from this product will go directly toward financial relief for employees affected by this unfortunate circumstance. We'll make it through this, but only together. Thanks for your support.

Your purchase directly supports hourly employees from the following Chicago establishments: 



Ludlow Liquors El Che Steakhouse and Bar
Young American Piccolo Sogno
All Together Now Mailalrd tavern
Elske Nonnina
Mott St/Mini Mott Posto 31
Hopewell Brewing Co. Taproom DropShot Coffee
Passerotto Janitor's Closet
Pacific Standard Time Proxi
Scofflaw Sepia
Steingold's pretty cool ice cream
Bang Bang Pie The Violet Hour
Daisies Moon Palace Restaurant
bungalow by middle brow La Quebrada Restaurant
MFK. Lost Larson
Bar Biscay Frontier
giant // Chef's Special Ina Mae Tavern
City Rock Korean Kitchen Lotties Pub
Perilla Korean American Far Mango Pickle
GT Prime Frontera Grill
GT Fish and Oyster Topolobampo
Twisted Hippo Taproom and Eatery Xoco
Birrieria Zaragoza Bar Sótano
Avondale Bowl Band of Bohemia
Estereo Floriole
Sportsman's Club Publican
Boeufhaus Sip of Hope Coffee Bar
Galit Restaurant Off Color Mousetrap
Cafè Marie Jeanne Maria's Packaged Goods
Pub Royale Sol Cafe
Queen Mary Blackbird
Lone Wolf Avec
Bad Hunter Cafe Cancale
Revel Room Doves luncheonette
Best Intentions Big Star Wicker
Parson's Pilot Project Brewing
Lonesome Rose Big Star Wrigley
Longman & Eagle Publican Quality Meats
Cherry Circle Room / Game Room / Milk Room Black Bull
Burger Bar Chicago - South Loop Finom Coffee
Burger Bar Chicago - Lincoln Park Bordel
Sociale Beatnik West Town
cafe Press Cafe Bonhomme
Kumiko / Kikkō Beatnik on the River
Bangers & Lace | Chicago Celeste
Emorium Arcade Bar | Fulton Market Porto
Kite String Cantina Community Tavern
Little Victories Beauty Bar Chicago
Spilt Milk Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney
Sparrow KAI ZAN
Bucktown Pub


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