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Phantom Flight Pants

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The Phantom Collection, our collaboration with designer Jon Contino, was inspired by the iconic bomber squadrons of WWII that bore names like the Red Devils, Thunderbirds and Bomber Barons. Despite the inherent danger and grimness of the task at hand, these squads brought a spark of charisma and wit to their assignments with intimidating nicknames and colorful, vivid iconography. Jon's "Phantom Squadron" is meant to evoke a creeping dread in the enemy. Once you hear the dull drone of engines in the distance, it's already too late; The Phantom has struck when you least expected it. Throughout this collection, you will find Jon's hand-drawn designs and lettering featured on each piece, visually telling the story of the famed and feared Phantoms.

Military aviation was first introduced during WWI. The need arose for pilots to wear special protective clothing to save them from the elements caused by flying in an exposed cockpit. This was the birth of the flight jacket and flight suits. Our version of the classic Air Force Type F1B flight pant features a slimmer cut, and is made from a durable olive twill. The inside pockets are adorned with Jon Contino's original artwork. Due to their durable American made construction, these pants will last you for years to come.


8.5 oz Twill
Illustrated Pocket Bags
Custom "Stock" Jean Tack Closure
Dual thigh pockets
Custom "Stock" Snaps on Pockets
Mil Spec Certified Construction
Handmade in Chicago, USA

Model is 5'9"/145 and wearing a 30.
Fit is trim, but not overly slim. Fits true to size.

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