Brasero x Stock Mfg

At Stock, we specialize in more than just uniforms; we deliver a brand's ethos woven into every thread. One of our latest ventures with Brasero, Chef John Manion's newest culinary creation in Chicago, stands as a testament to this philosophy. Our mission was to design uniforms that echo Brasero’s South American spirit and its exquisite interior design from the imagination of Siren Betty Design.
Partnering with HiFi Brands, we curated a bespoke uniform program featuring blue chambray and wheat banded collar shirts for a look that’s both inviting and sophisticated, mirroring the ambiance of Brasero. For the kitchen team, our canvas bib aprons blend functionality with style, while the front-of-house staff shine in waxed cotton waist aprons, reflecting the restaurant's rustic elegance.
Accessories like silk scarves, bandanas, baseball caps, and pins add personal flair, drawing from South American traditions. These elements were chosen to ensure that each piece of the uniform and merchandise offering aligns with Brasero's identity and enhances the overall dining experience.
This collaboration showcases our commitment to creating uniforms that are not just garments but extensions of a brand’s story and space. At Brasero, every detail invites guests into a rich, culinary narrative that touches all of the senses.