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At Stock we use time-tested methods of production and appreciate the fine details that make a garment built to last. For our At Work series, we focus on like-minded businesses and individuals who don’t do things the expedient way, but the right way. For our newest installment, we’re featuring the sublime Lost Lake. Drawing from 80 years of cocktail history, the Logan Square oasis delivers an authentic tiki experience in a setting fit for a Hemingway novel. For those of us who clamor for tropical vibes but are too impatient--or broke--to fly out to Maui, fear not. This place serves up libations good enough to make you belie​ve you ​are the old man in the sea.

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At Work With Metric Coffee

At Stock we use time-tested methods of production and appreciate the fine details that make a garment built to last. For our At Work series, we focus on like-minded companies and individuals who don’t do things the expedient way, but the right way. This time, we’re featuring a business down the street from our store, Metric Coffee. Started in 2013, the company quickly gained acclaim for their delicious coffee--Chicago Magazine’s “Best Espresso” in 2017--and shop, which ZAGAT, Eater and Roast Magazine have featured.  We sat down with owners Darko and Xavier to hear more about where they’ve been and where they’re headed.

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Stock ✕ Kiriko Made

Heading into this spring, we wanted to take two of our most popular styles, the denim work shirt and the banded collar popover, and create a truly unique collection. Our very first choice was to partner with our friends Kiriko in Portland to help us find rare Japanese textiles to implement into our garments. Kiriko is a lifestlye brand that specializes in the sourcing and re-interpretation of rare and vintage Japanese fabrics.

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Historically, reversible garments were developed to serve two distinct functions. For example, a reversible jacket may be cotton on one side, and waxed canvas on the other in case of sudden inclement weather. The Stock 2-in-1 short sleeve shirts are reversible simply for the function of two different looks, or possibly to instantly and fashionably conceal an unsightly stain. The idea came to us while browsing a swatch book from our favorite Japanese textile mill and stumbled upon a light airy double cloth. This particular fabric is unique in that it's two different woven fabrics tacked together, allowing for very different appearances (i.e. plaid/solid, stripe/polka dot). To develop a shirt that's fully reversible, we had to get creative. The initial...

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Steven: Long story short or short story long, what's the timeline on how you got to where you are now? Aaron: We've been around since 2011, so about four years now. It kind of all started when I would draw on canvas shoes in college. Then, through word of mouth or on Facebook I had people start asking me to make shoes for them. After graduating college in 2008, I bought a one-way ticket to Argentina because I really wanted to learn Spanish and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. While volunteering for an organization that worked with street kids in the slums, I met my then future business partner, Raaja, who I sold a pair of hand-designed...

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For Father's Day 2015, we wanted to do something special to honor the men who truly helped Stock get it's start: our own dads. Each of our fathers either started or took over a family-run small business and have taught us the spirit of entrepreneurship, how to conduct business in an ethical way, and how to weather the storm when going gets tough. For this collection, we (with some help from our moms) dug up vintage photographs of our dads that we thought best captured the spirit of who they are. With the dates in these pictures ranging from the mid-70's to the mid-80's, it's a testament to the timeless cool of these legends that we were able to create...

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Steven: You have a pretty good set up, how did you get to where you are right now? Alan: Well the story goes, I had always wanted to go to law school, but before spending hundreds of thousands on a degree, I decided to get a job in the field as a paralegal. Did the whole corporate 9-5 grind and sure it paid well, but it wasn't fulfilling. I had been living in Lakeview at the time and while the shop was under construction, I noticed some Stumptown Coffee and Bowery Lane Bicycles signs in the window. I was pretty familiar with both so I began riding by often and getting to know Mike the owner. Long story short, I left the...

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Steven: Tell us a little about your career path and how you got to where you are now. Wade: I moved to New York in 2008 after college at ASU. I started working for a start up doing sales and I fucking hated it. In 2009 I began working as a captain on the floor at the Standard Grill in the new Standard Hotel NYC. I worked my way up to the bar until I left to bartend and eventually take over the bar program at Rye House. From there I left to be on the opening team of a restaurant called The Dutch. I spent my time there until I was sick of paying New York rent prices and up and...

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