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Curated Hospitality Uniforms

We've helped award winning brands across North America create their uniform programs. With over a decade of experience in the apparel and manufacturing industry we're not your typical uniform supplier.

What you'll find below is a collection of in-stock styles that our designers have put together that can serve as inspiration or can be bought online, today.

Uniforms for the Hospitality Industry

Server Uniforms

Select pairings from our store with front of house staff in mind, designed to suit your establishment's vibe.

Server Uniforms
Restaurant Uniforms

Browse our curated looks that will have all your Restaurant Staff making an impression.

Hotel Uniforms

Hand picked looks for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments to keep your staff looking professional.

Hotel Uniforms from Stock MFG Co.
Bar Uniforms

Looks custom curated for bartenders, mixologists, and all those who deal in libations.

Work Uniforms

Browse our curated work uniforms designed to give your staff a professional and seamless look.