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"Stock has a sense of relevancy in their clothes. They feel uncommercial and flattering. And the attention you get from Stock is equally personal."

Kemper Hyers
Chief Creative Office

“Working with Stock has always been a great experience. During our most recent project together, they provided amazing service, communication, and advice throughout the process.  Stock really helped us out with this project, which included multiple custom items with a shorter than normal lead time. We’ll definitely continue to work with them on future custom development needs.”

David Leung
Director of Creative Services

"Uniforms were the final frontier in the one-of-one experiential environment we work to create. We attract a cultured and discerning psychographic; so how could we possibly focus on all details to suit this profile, yet bear shopping a giant catalog to outfit our front of house hotel and restaurant staff."

Michael Kitchen

"While each restaurant’s uniform budget varies based on concept, extending design to attire has become more and more of a priority for us. We take a creative approach to designing custom uniforms, and work to design pieces that allow each team-member to maintain their own individuality, while also reflecting each project's design elements."

Donnie Madia

“Working with Stock has helped make our more elevated spaces more immersive. Without investing in uniforms for our concepts at the Chicago Athletic Association, the experiences would be interrupted from a guests point of view. Stock has allowed us to fully tailor the guest experience, making sure they return."

Cody Hudson

"For Metric, outfitting our staff with Stock communicates purpose, quality & consistency - all important attributes to our customers visual and sensory experience."

Xavier Alexander

“They're super durable, sans bells and whistles — just a great fit and pockets where you need them.”

John Manion
Chef / Owner

"Working with Stock has been a breeze! Hotel Kansas City, The Town Company and El Gold look better because they were involved!"

Hotel Kansas City
Kansas City, MO

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