Gemma Foods x Stock Mfg.

Housed in a modest storefront along West Town’s rejuvenated “Italian Corridor” is Gemma Foods, Chef/Owner Tony Quartaro’s mecca of fresh, creative, handmade pasta - all packaged and ready to bring restaurant quality gluten to your home.

Born during quarantine out of his home in Beverly, Gemma is far from your typical pandemic-induced side hustle. A veteran of fine dining establishments across the country, Tony cut his teeth in Chicago first at The Bristol, making pastas by hand in the basement, then eventually as the Executive Chef at Formento’s, B Hospitality’s nod to old school red sauce joints.

During the Covid Summer of 2020, having spent about as much time as he could working in the yard and putzing around the house, Tony reached out to a few neighbors and said he was going to make some fresh pasta. He asked them to pay what they wanted, and give him feedback on what they thought.

Soon enough, his distribution list went from about 30 neighbors to over 500, and Tony realized there were a lot of people out there that were literally craving that restaurant experience in the comfort of their own homes. He knew right then that he was uniquely positioned to deliver that experience. Sauces, pastas, and garnishes were packaged separately, each pairing designed to be table-ready in 15 minutes.

Tony first reached out to us in December of 2021 to discuss custom aprons for his upcoming brick and mortar storefront. After welcoming him into our showroom to view samples and pore over textile swatches, Tony decided to move forward with our Fern canvas bib aprons. The Fern was a perfect match for the Gemma Foods color profile, and blends in beautifully with his clean, modern, warm space.

So, next time you’re looking for a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home, with minimal work on your end, look up Gemma Foods on Grand (and tell ‘em Stock sent ya).