Metric Coffee x Stock Mfg.

When we moved into our showroom on Fulton St. in January of 2015, we briefly toyed with the idea of opening a makeshift coffee shop behind our bar. The reasoning? The West Fulton Market area was beginning to explode with young, creative makers and startups who were pushed out of the ever-pricier West Loop area - but there was nowhere under a 15 min walk from our office to grab a good cup of coffee!
Enter Metric Coffee. When Metric opened their long-awaited cafe in October of 2016, not only did they instantly become the go-to coffee shop for our now-bustling neighborhood, they staked a very deserving claim to consideration as the best roaster in a city full of great roasters.
Stock x Metric - Metric Cafe
Over the last five years, Metric and Stock have followed very similar trajectories, growing in size, experience and industry regard. We've been lucky enough to collaborate with them on several projects over the years, from barista aprons to retail hats and, yes, even face masks.
Stock Mfg. for Metric Coffee
Metric Coffee Hats
Metric Hat 2021
Metric Hats by Stock Mfg
Metric Coffee