American Highway Collection

Chances are you've laughed with the Griswolds on their Wally World-bound odyssey, screamed with Steve Martin on the wrong side of the highway with a lonely salesman riding shotgun, and meandered your way across Ohio in a tattered sedan with a brake pad slinging Chris Farley. The American Road Trip is a timeless piece of Americana with no shortage of pop-culture references. It's reminiscent of a simpler time. A time when Dad would load the car roof with luggage, buckle the kids into the backseat, and hit the road to explore the summertime beauty America has to offer. Mom would sit shotgun deciphering the road maps strategically splayed across her lap with "Are we there yet?" abrasively chanting behind her. There's no better country than America to explore through a windshield and rear view mirror; it boasts snowcap mountains, vast canyons, dense forests, and tropical beaches and they're all accessible for the price of gas.

To celebrate the tradition of the American road trip, we teamed up with two of our favorite menswear brands, Taylor Stitch (San Francisco) and Ball and Buck (Boston) to create a capsule collection we dubbed The American Highway Collection. Although there are countless abstract traits unifying the three brands like eye for design, attention to detail, and affinity for American made quality, there's just one physical element that tethers our tri-coastal headquarters: interstate highways. So, together we designed a collection that satisfies all wardrobe necessities a man might encounter on a transcontinental voyage from San Francisco to Boston with a pit stop in Chicago.

Playing to each of the brands' strengths, we employed favorite silhouettes from each company: Taylor Stitch's Highland Shirt, Ball and Buck's Six Point Pant, and Stock's Rider Jacket and Tee. For materials, we sourced from the best mills in Japan and the US and selected textiles that not only look great alone, but can be paired any other piece in the collection and make sense aesthetically. The cut and sew was all done in Stock's Chicago factory and every last detail was deliberately chosen as the three brands worked together to design and develop the collection. From the blue oxford binding on th interior of the pant to the tonal canvas contrast of the elbow patches and breast pocket on the navy shirt. From the American Highway logo on the custom oil-tumbled brass jacket hardware to the pigment dyeing process and Pantone color silk screened onto the tees. This project was a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. Journey down to see the individual products of the American Highway Collection.

Raw Denim Rider Jacket

Inspired by the style of the 1970s but still thoroughly modern, the Rider Jacket was designed to be worn with a dusty road in your rearview mirror. Made from 13 oz. raw Cone Mills Denim, this jacket will break in and fade like your favorite pair of jeans. Lined with a striped blanket material and finished with an interior corduroy collar, layer this piece over your favorite hoody to keep you warm during those cool nights under the stars.

Steel Chambray Shotgun Shirt

Modeled after Taylor Stitch's famous Highlands Shirt, the Shotgun Shirt features the same great fit and attention to detail you've come to know and love, but with updated chambray fabric and details exclusive to the American Highway Collection.

Navy Twill Shotgun Shirt

Also modeled after Taylor Stitch's Highlands Shirt, this twill version of the Shotgun Shirt features a tone-on-tone reinforced canvas elbow patches and two breast pockets, one of which is canvas.

Six Point Pant in Caramel and Olive Drab Oxford

Ball and Buck's signature pant, created with fabrics and hardware exclusive to the American Highway Collection. Made from durable, yet soft and breathable fabric, these pants will serve you just as well hiking a trail as they will relaxing in a corner booth.

Highway Tee in Dusty Blue and White

These 100% cotton pocket tees are a bit heavier than your average tee because they're built to last. Treated with a pigment dye and enzyme wash to soften the fabric and pull a little color out, the Highway Tee is sure to be a year-round staple.

Waxed Earth Iron Ranger

Red Wing is a name that 's been synonymous with handcrafted perfection for over 100 years. For this collection we were fortunate enough to lend some design insight into a special American Highway edition of their iconic Iron Ranger boot. Made from a roughed out waxed leather upper, and featuring a heavy duty mini-lug sole, these boots will move effortlessly from a day on the trail to a night on the town.