Chicago Hospitality United Part 2: Raising Funds for Local Hourly Workers Again

Rewind 2020 back to March. The situation for bars, restaurants and their workers looked bleak. Lockdowns were taking place in a handful of cities, and we suspected Chicago would soon follow suit. We joined a grassroots effort to raise relief funds for local hourly workers, Chicago Hospitality United. 

What began with graphic tees ended with over $180,000 in contributions to Chicago Hospitality United. 

It’s November and once again Chicago bars and restaurants are struggling with additional restrictions, and that pain trickles down to the workers. The hourly hospitality workers need our support, so we’re back at it. 

We were already planning to run a sale during the holiday shopping season. We decided to add a kicker: we’re pairing discounts to customers with an additional donation to Chicago Hospitality United. We’ll be donating 10% of our revenue to C.H.U. for the duration of our Thanksgiving sale. 

Check out our original post ➡ about Chicago Hospitality United for the full history. 

From all of us at Stock, thank you for supporting small businesses (including ours). We look forward to providing affordable, durable workwear for many years to come.

Happy holidays and stay safe out there.