Father's Day Collection

For Father's Day 2015, we wanted to do something special to honor the men who truly helped Stock get it's start: our own dads. Each of our fathers either started or took over a family-run small business and have taught us the spirit of entrepreneurship, how to conduct business in an ethical way, and how to weather the storm when going gets tough.

For this collection, we (with some help from our moms) dug up vintage photographs of our dads that we thought best captured the spirit of who they are. With the dates in these pictures ranging from the mid-70's to the mid-80's, it's a testament to the timeless cool of these legends that we were able to create a modern, cohesive capsule collection with only minor changes in fit and style.

Here are the men behind the garments:

Bob Snediker: Jacket

John Morgan: Aloha Shirt

Jim Morarity: Chambray Shorts

Tom Tierney: Banded Collar Popover