Hotel Uniform Design Ideas

It’s not uncommon for guests to interact with three employees before getting their door key. A valet greets them and takes their keys to park their car. The doorman may help them with their luggage. Finally, they arrive at the front desk where the concierge will assist them in checking into their room. 

All of the staff members they encounter on their way to the room are an extension of the hotel’s brand. Each of these staff members will help to create the guest’s first impression. 

At Stock Mfg we take great pride in helping our clients create a perfect uniform program to ensure these first encounters are a positive experience for the guest. Our goal is to ensure their staff uniforms fit in seamlessly with their brand and the space. 

We’ve designed and created world-class custom uniforms for hotels, restaurants, bars and other service workers for brands all across North America.

In this article, we’ll take a look at four custom uniforms we’ve created for clients that will hopefully inspire your own hotel’s uniforms. 

Four Hotel Uniform Ideas

1. A Modern Uniform That Captures The Historic Significance Of Memphis

The Hu is a boutique hotel, located in downtown Memphis. Its design reflects the historic, eclectic nature of Memphis. Our goal was to create a modern uniform that captured both its modern design and its historic roots. 

We outfitted the front desk staff of the Hu with our banded collar white oxford paired with our Japanese-workwear inspired unstructured navy blazer. For the rooftop bar, we designed custom graphic tees that capture the fun, eclectic vibe of Memphis. 

2. Versatile, Unisex Font Desk Uniform 


The Hoxton hotel group opened their Chicago location in the Fulton Market district of the West Loop, one of Chicago’s most creative and vibrant neighborhoods, back in April of 2019.

For the front desk staff, we wanted to create a versatile, unisex uniform. We outfitted the staff with a twill chore coat, which pairs perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt, giving off a modern, relaxed feel.

3. Classic Front Of House Uniform 

The Bradley is an Indiana-based boutique hotel from Provenance Hotels and Vera Bradley that features fun design elements and bold colors.  

We decided that the uniform shouldn’t clash with the bold eye-catching designs of the lobby and restaurant, so we opted for a clean, classic look that consisted primarily of blues and whites. The front desk staff were outfitted with unstructured navy blazers and a white banded collar oxford shirt. 

4. A Fresh Take On Front Desk Uniforms


The Old No. 77 is a boutique hotel located In New Orleans. Situated three blocks from the French quarter it used to be an old tobacco and coffee warehouse. 

We were asked to redesign The Old No. 77’s front desk uniforms. The aim was to provide a fresh concept that was both unique and professional. 

For the tops, we put together a charcoal chore coat and a short sleeve ivory henley. We paired this with khaki stretch chinos for an approachable and modern look. 

Types Of Uniforms To Select From

Curated Uniforms

Curated uniforms are uniforms that are hand selected by our creative director, available in stock and ready to be shipped right away. 

Some benefits associated with stock uniforms: 

  • No minimum order requirements - pay for what you need. 
  • Tried and tested styles and fabrics.
  • Durable
  • Perfect for mixing and matching
  • Time efficient - in stock so ready to be shipped from the moment of order
  • Cost efficient - No extra or wasted inventory costs 


We have several items that can be made-to-order. These are hand-selected items that we’ve previously designed for other clients. Therefore, we do not have to start from scratch. The item has already been designed and if chosen will be made to fit your order. 

It is important to allow 4-6 weeks for production when ordering made-to-order pieces.

Custom Uniform Orders

If nothing is standing out and you are struggling to find the exact uniform that you're looking for, or you have a vision you need help bringing to life, we can help you create custom designed uniforms.

We can offer you quick-ship products from our catalog, small customizations of those products, or a uniform program that is fully custom designed from scratch. 

We know how important it is to get the uniform right and that is why we sample everything before production, so your team can test for fit, quality, and function This allows for any last-minute changes before the final production begins. 

What To Consider When Choosing Hotel Uniforms

When it comes to selecting uniforms for your hotel staff here are a few things you might want to consider: 

1. Durability: When selecting a uniform for your staff you want to ensure that the material is durable and comfortable. Choose materials that won’t wear easily and can be worn regularly. 

2. Colors and Style: Uniforms should match the overall brand image of the hotel. When selecting colors and styles for uniforms, we aim to complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of a hotel. 

3. Branding: It’s easy to get carried when it comes to branding. Often, companies add their logo or name on every item of clothing. Here at Stock Mfg, we take a different approach and encourage the addition of unique and subtle branding.  

Why Are Staff Uniforms Important In A Hotel?

There are several benefits to outfitting staff in high-quality uniforms. Particularly within a hotel setting, uniforms can be a great way to enhance the overall brand.

Here are a few reasons why uniforms are important in a hotel: 

1. Cohesiveness. When designing uniforms for a hotel we like to ensure each uniform is in alignment with the overall brand. You may have three or four different types of uniforms for various jobs and each of these uniforms must match the overall aesthetic and feel of the brand.

2. Brand & Identity. As previously mentioned, staff uniforms can be an excellent way to enhance the brand. If a uniform is well selected it should add to the brand identity and aesthetics of a hotel.

3. Professionalism. When uniforms are not provided it becomes more difficult to enforce a dress code. And even if that dress code is enforced it often lacks the professionalism that well-fitted, custom uniforms provide.

4. Improved Customer Service. When customers can easily identify a staff member due to their uniform this improves their experience. Having specific uniforms for specific roles also helps customers to identify the type of staff they may be looking for.