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Our favorite thing to do at Stock is work with other awesome companies that we admire. When we heard Land and Sea Dept., the team behind Longman & Eagle and Parson's Chicken & Fish, was working on a new concept that needed aprons- we jumped at the opportunity. The criteria was simple: make a high-quality apron that's functional and attractive. When you're designing with functionality in mind, it's easy to over-design. To avoid unnecessary bells and whistles, we met with the L&S team to discuss how the aprons would be worn, what function they'd serve, and with what tools. The next step was sourcing, development, and sampling.

The Stock x Thank You. aprons feature a box-stitched utility strap across the chest and a 5-compartment pocket below with dimensions optimized for cooking utensils. For fabric, we selected dry selvage denim sourced from Cone Mills in North Carolina for its durability and aging properties. With heavy use, the aprons will take on the same patina as your favorite jeans.

The aprons' red trim extends beyond the denim to tie in two places: behind the neck and in front of, or behind the body so that length and width are totally adjustable. Finding red twill tape the exact same pantone as the Thank You logo wasn't easy- we had to import it from Japan.

We designed the apron's length to be the same width as the shuttle loom the denim is woven on, which allowed us to keep the distinct red and white selvage edges on the top and bottom of the aprons, a nice little detail.

With the approval of the first sample, we headed right into production and get these made up just in time for opening day.




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