Why the Hospitality Industry Must Invest in Curated Uniforms During a Recession

Some economists are predicting America is entering a recession. With so many businesses, especially hospitality, still getting back on their feet after the pandemic, many are taking proactive steps to ensure their business survives the next economic downturn. 

Now is the time to increase your investment in your business to prepare it for whatever’s to come. This means investing in higher-quality fabrics and apparel features designed to withstand the often chaotic and busy hospitality environments. You should invest in uniforms that repel stains (for servers and hotel cleaning staff) or resist flames (for chefs and buffet servers)

Here are a few more reasons why investing in high-quality curated uniforms for your staff is important ahead of the upcoming predicted recession: 

Helps elevate your business

The little details matter, even if the customer doesn’t recognize what they mean. For example, your customers may not know that part of what makes your establishment look so polished and high-class is that your front-of-house staff have coordinating uniforms in a high-quality chambray fabric rather than cheap denim. Unless a world-class fashionista visits you, they’ll only see that you’ve cared enough to coordinate your staff attire.

If you like the chambray fabric look, check out this curated Bistro Server uniform collection.  

Here’s another example: if you buy curated uniforms for your hotel staff in similar styles, they have a more cohesive look. This way, when you’re hosting a group of travel agents at your hotel, you’re going to make a more professional impression so they remember you and refer your establishment to their clients.  

Shows you care about your staff

Providing a full uniform should be standard practice in all consumer-facing businesses, but sadly it’s not. Some may only provide a cheap shirt for their staff, and they’re expected to provide their own pants and jackets. Invest in the success of your staff but provisioning a fully curated uniform. It’s quite easy to get uniforms in any size from a workwear company like STOCK. They can order any size you need and even custom-make workwear to closely match your brand and set you apart from the competition. 

Investing in high-quality uniforms can also help keep your staff safe. Ask about flame and stain-resistant fabrics for kitchen and cleaning staff who are regularly exposed to these elements as part of their job. A standard, cheap white apron won’t likely repel coffee stains or resist catching fire in your kitchen. Higher quality curated uniforms often come with features or materials to keep your employees safe and the uniforms looking great, even under the most intense restaurant conditions.

Shows you’re invested in your future

During the pandemic, so many people were weary of investing their support behind businesses they weren’t sure would last. By investing in good quality curated uniforms for your restaurant or hotel, you’re showing them you’re putting resources behind the success of your business. It shows them you’re not planning to close up shop anytime soon. 

For example, when your customers first arrive and are greeted by the Valet, they’ll notice they’re looking polished and not just wearing their street clothes because your business can’t invest in good uniforms. 

A great professional valet uniform like the Versatile Valet collection includes everything your valets need to greet and care for your guests, including a utility chest pocket and two oversized hand pockets. 

Enhances your brand recognition

Our final tip for investing in high-quality uniforms is that it helps increase your brand recognition. With your logo on the clothing, your brand is shown to your customer multiple times during their visit, helping it stay in their memory longer. It’s also an excellent way for customers to know who the staff are so they don’t accidentally ask a fellow guest to bring another bottle of champagne. 

Your establishment will come to be known by the uniforms you choose, whether they have your company logo or brand on them. Consider your uniforms as an extension of your marketing team, as they’re helping to enhance your brand recognition. 

Saves you money

Having the ongoing costs of uniform rental in your budget book can get quite costly. It also added significant, often unpredictable spending when you have to repair or replace cheaply made uniforms when they rip or stain. 

Investing in high-quality hospitality uniforms made of high-quality stitching and materials means you’ll have to replace them less often than cheap ones. And, if you create a premium custom uniform with a company like STOCK, you get guaranteed quality (so your veteran staff look as polished as the new hires). The STOCK custom design guarantees that the item won’t go out of stock, so in several years (when your business expands), you can order more uniforms, and they’ll look just as perfect as the first batch you ordered. 

Who’s already doing it?

Here are two of America's top hospitality brands that are already investing in high-quality uniforms for their staff:

RPM Steak: This successful steakhouse in Chicago sought a contemporary spin on the classic Chicago Steakhouse uniform. Check out their uniforms here.  

Auberge Resorts (Madeline Hotel): This popular tourist destination in the mountains of Colorado wanted its uniforms to tell a story. They paid homage to their town's mining roots through textures of herringbone wool, leather, waxed cotton, and chambray. 

Where to find high-quality custom or curated hospitality staff uniforms

Since 2013, STOCK has been the outfitter of choice for many of the finest hotels, restaurants and brands in the world. Browse our curated hospitality uniform collections or ask us about designing custom, high-quality uniforms for your team.