RPM Steak x Stock Mfg.

Stock was founded in 2012 as a menswear brand. Our evolution from fashion brand into a workwear design and production company was an organic one, unfolding gradually over the course of about six years. Our business ultimately got to a point where it was impossible to deny that we were creating more value in the hospitality industry than in ready to wear fashion.
Over the last seven years, we've worked with some of the most exciting, innovative, and successful brands in the industry. Much of our growth in the workwear space can be attributed to the fact that many of our earliest clients also happen to be industry leaders.
One such client is Lettuce Entertain You, who in 2014 tabbed us to design uniforms for their upcoming (and still incredible to this day) RPM Steak. Their goal was to put a contemporary spin on the classic Chicago Steakhouse uniform.

Our server uniform, consisting of a slim, double vented suit coat made of a white tropical weight poly, white dress shirt, black tie and black slacks, has become one of the most-referenced looks we've ever designed. Both stylish and extremely functional, the white "RPM Jacket" has been our most-produced custom item over the last five years.
Stock Mfg. for RPM Steak
For the bartenders, we kept the uniform essentially the same, swapping out the jacket for a gray wool double breasted waistcoat. This waistcoat has been requested so frequently that a version of it is now our standard in-stock vest.
Stock Mfg. for RPM Steak
RPM Italian quickly adopted our suit coats and vests into their uniforms, and in the last five years the brand has grown to include four restaurants in two states. Walk into any of them, and chances are whichever friendly, knowledgeable staff member helps you out, they are wearing a Stock garment.