Maroon Corduroy Bowtie
Maroon Corduroy Bowtie
Maroon Corduroy Bowtie

Maroon Corduroy Bowtie

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The origin of the bow tie dates back to the 17th Century, when Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian War tied scarves around their necks to hold their shirts together. The style then migrated to the French Upper Class who dubbed them "cravats" from the word "Croat." Over the next two centuries, bow ties evolved into the refined style we're familiar with today. We first made bow ties for the opening uniforms at Soho House Chicago. To coincide with the upscale yet rustic vibe of the creative club, we made upscale garments in unconventional fabrics. Thus, the corduroy bow tie was born. Early versions required staff to tie the bow ties themselves, which can be a pain when rushing to your shift. Now our bow ties come pre-tied with adjustable straps. You're welcome.

Features: Pre-tied with adjustable strap

Shell: 100% Corduroy


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