Hotel Kansas City x Stock Mfg.

Our first project with Hyatt Hotels was the renovation of the historic Chicago Athletic Association on Michigan Ave. It was also our first opportunity to work with one of our favorite local restaurant groups and project development studios, Land & Sea Dept (LSD). LSD designed the F&B programs for Drawing Room, Game Room, and Cherry Circle Room, and we worked closely with them to design and manufacture custom staff uniforms that were cohesive with the unique aesthetic of each concept. Overall, the project was a massive success, and landed LSD a James Beard Award for Best Restaurant Design in 2016. Three years later, we were thrilled when Hyatt reached out again seeking our uniform expertise for a new property, Hotel Kansas City
The management wanted the areas to feel intimate, thoughtful, historic, and local. Our goal with the staff wardrobe was to conjure the aforementioned with an elevated “made from scratch” look. 
Walk into the hotel, and you’re greeted by a staff member in a classic black suit embellished with a custom HKC logo pin.
Deeper inside the hotel is The Town Company, which is a culinary love letter to the region, honoring both the people who defined it and those leading its rebirth.
Bartenders sport short sleeve blue chambray shirts paired with hickory stripe aprons.
The server look gives a nod to Kansas City’s rugged roots with oatmeal heritage cotton henleys paired with coyote herringbone waist aprons and a custom enamel pin.
For El Gold, the western-inspired basement speakeasy, we wanted to create a more upbeat, energetic experience as a bit of a departure from the hotel’s refinement and pedigree but still paying homage.
We put the bartenders in our custom stretch gray chambray shirts paired with gold cotton duck waist aprons and a custom “outlaw” pin. 
In addition to uniforms, we also provided the hotel with custom-designed merch including short-brim nylon caps and beanies.