Custom Restaurant Uniforms

At Stock we design restaurant uniforms that embody your brand identity and work to communicate your brand story. We understand that every brand possesses a unique personality, which is why we offer fully customized uniform designs.

Looking for inspiration? Browse our curated looks and in-stock collections. If nothing catches your eye, start with our custom uniform design process.

Custom Staff Uniforms for The finest Restaurants

From overall functionality to minute design details, we want you to love the final product. We create samples first so you test quality, fit, and function before we decide on the final product - ensuring your uniforms are just right.


Inspired by the post-WWII era in Japan, this restaurant merges traditional Japanese aesthetics with modernity. We wanted to merge the practical utility of Western garments with the beauty of Japanese styles. The result was a uniform that seamlessly blended with its environment.

Momotaro Uniforms

RPM Steak

We were asked to design a uniform that put a contemporary spin on the classic Chicago Steakhouse Uniform. We decided to create a slim, double vented suit coat that was both stylish and functional. It has now become one of our most iconic uniform styles.

RPM Steak Uniforms


With a strong brand already developed, this project was focussing on bringing a vision to life. Parachute had stylized fonts, unique color tones, and a clearly established aesthetic. Together we developed a custom design that fit the brands identity and overall vibe.

Parachute Uniforms