Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse x Stock

Jeff Ruby's is a renowned family of high-end steakhouses located in Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, and Nashville. Known for their quality steaks and seafood, elegant ambiance, and attentive service, Jeff Ruby restaurants offer a luxurious dining experience. The restaurants also feature live music and have won numerous awards for their food, wine, and service. Each Jeff Ruby restaurant is designed to create a unique atmosphere with attention to detail in the decor, lighting, and overall ambiance - uniforms included.

jeff ruby dining room

 Last summer, our friend, the stylist Ivy Costa, came to us with a new project she was consulting on. Jeff Ruby was shuttering his famed steakhouse in downtown Cincinnati and moving into a new, larger space just blocks away on Fountain Square.


 With an Art Deco-influenced aesthetic, the interior design is a masterclass in tastefully done opulence. In my opinion, the greatest hospitality establishments provide a true sense of escape, of transporting its guests into an entirely new and fully realized place. The newest Jeff Ruby’s steakhouse does just this, delighting all of your senses and immersing you in an evening of Jazz-age decadence.

gatsby room

 When every single part of your customer experience is obsessed over - from the design to the food to the staff to the music - one important area to not lose sight of is the uniform design. A poorly designed uniform, or a sloppily dressed server, can break the spell you’ve worked so diligently to cast.

Jeff Ruby bar

 The braintrust behind Jeff Ruby’s understood that, which is why they asked us to help create a uniform program that was stylish, unique and appropriately glamorous.

Table Side Bartender Jacket

white tuxedo jacket
This white tuxedo jacket with a black satin shawl collar is the showstopper of this uniform program. Featuring luxurious fabrics and construction details that rival any bespoke tuxedo, this jacket evokes the glamorous jazz age charm of the restaurant, while still reading as entirely modern and on trend.
Server Assistant Vest
female SA vest
male shawl collar vest
Elegant, charming and flattering, our double breasted vest with a satin shawl collar ties the uniform together beautifully with the jackets, while providing the ease of use and practicality necessary working at a high volume, bustling restaurant.
Black Velvet Bowtie
velvet bowtie
The piece de resistance, our velvet bowtie adds a final flourish of glamour and style to each position's uniform.