Kasama - Custom Tuxes for The James Beard Awards

If you read our case study on the custom retail merch we made for Kasama earlier this year, then you know we ended up designing something special for them to wear to the Beard Awards in May. Tim and Genie have built a reputation for pulling off very buzzy matching outfits every year at the ceremony, and we wanted to make sure they came correct this year (we had a hunch they were going to win).
After quite a bit of discussion and swatch review, we landed on these absolutely killer green velvet tuxedos with satin lapels featuring a floral jacquard pattern.
Kasama Custom Tuxes
Suffice to say, Tim and Genie were the toast of the town that night (mostly because of, well, winning the Best Chef award), but the Tuxes certainly got people talking as well - check out the video below.