Soho House x Stock Mfg.

We recently had the honor of designing and manufacturing uniforms for the staff of the beautiful new Soho House Chicago. The entire collection was conceived and produced from the ground up, exclusively for the staff of the House. The men's uniforms, consisting of chambray club collar shirts, twill double-breasted vests, corduroy bow ties and wool herringbones trousers, were designed to reflect the casual vibe and refined English heritage of Soho House. 

The project began with a walk-thru of the raw space at 113 N Green St. The club was still under construction, but the robust decor and buildout were apparent throughout. Once we surveyed the space and discussed creative direction with the management we had a pretty good idea of how to truly capture the essence of the House and make the uniforms cohesive with their atmosphere.

After a few internal meetings and rounds of sketches, we presented the Soho House team with renderings (above). Style 1, the one they selected, was the more casual of the two and our personal favorite as well. It references the refined English heritage captured by Soho House, yet remains moderately casual due to fabrication and details. When we received final approval on the designs, we were left with just over 3 weeks of production time before we had to deliver for Soho House Chicago's soft launch and Lollapalooza event. Luckily, our nimble factory cranked through production and we delivered on time. A couple months after the dust settled, we were granted special access to the 5th floor Club for a photo. The photos below are real employees wearing the uniforms at work.