The Clayton x Stock Mfg.

Located in the trendy Cherry Creek neighborhood, Clayton Members Club & Hotel is Aparium's first entry into the Denver market (as well as our latest uniform collaboration with them) - and it's a stunner. Part private member's club, part cafe, part restaurant, and part hip boutique hotel, The Clayton executes at a high level in all aspects. And I didn't even mention the pool on the roof...

First up when you walk in the hotel is OaK Market, Clayton's all-day cafe. 

OaK Market

 Serving world class coffee from Little Owl and delicious pastries, you can also grab a quick sandwich for lunch (try the River Bear Turkey!), or hang out awhile with a charcuterie board and bottle of wine.

 Our approach with OaK Market, and really the entire hotel, was to keep the uniforms fairly muted and simple, in order to allow the stunning design from the world-renowned team at Avroko to really shine.

OaK Market barista

 We utilized a simple palette of grays and blacks, with the pops of color coming from the river blue aprons, and their custom-dyed cotton webbing straps. The result is a very simple, clean look that subtly incorporates their brand colors.

Moving on we have Of a Kind, the first-floor, Mediterranean/coastal California inspired restaurant. 

of a kind

We kept the aprons the same here as in OaK, with servers in matching waist aprons, and the bar in the same full bibs. The biggest difference in Of a Kind is we upped the sophistication, ditching the tee shirts of OaK for our Stretch Gray Service Chambray shirts.

custom uniform renderings

While the restaurant has a breezy, relaxed atmosphere, the appearance of the staff needed to match the expert execution of Chef Duley and his team. 

of a kind bartender
custom uniform design look 1
custom uniform look 2

 Heading to the second floor, you'll find the Members Club. Accessible only to members and hotel guests, this floor features a co-working lounge, library, parlor, sun room and restaurant.

clayton sun room members club

 In the name of modularity, the base uniform is the same here as in Of a Kind. If an employee wraps up a shift on 2 and is then working dinner downstairs, they need only switch from the river blue aprons found in the members club into the forest green of Of a Kind. This provides the guest with a cohesive, yet distinct experience from venue to venue, while making things easier on the staff (and purchasing manager) logistically.

clayton members custom uniform design renderings

Finally, we finish on the roof at the pool and cocktail lounge because, well...look at that pool.

clayton pool