6 Ideas to Customize Your Team's Workwear for 2023

Tailor your business' brand with custom workwear

When your employees and staff wear branded apparel on the job, it increases brand recognition, brand trust, and customer satisfaction. You can get all these benefits without requiring your team to wear an ugly or cheap-looking “uniform.”

To many, wearing a “uniform” for their job is either reminiscent of working a minimum wage job at a local fast food joint or working in the professional services or healthcare industry (doctors, paramedics, police). We want to remove that “uniform” stigma by sharing some great ideas for branded apparel your front- and back-of-house employees can wear that is stylish and on-brand for your organization. These ideas can work for nearly any industry, especially hospitality.

Here are six ways to customize your team’s workwear for 2023:

1. Branded hats, beanies, bandanas

Try branded hats, beanies, or bandanas for a lower-cost team workwear idea. These are easy to embroider or screen print a logo on. Have a staff that works outdoors? Why not try something fun with this Corduroy Earflap cap with your logo or tagline on the front? 

Hats are easy to produce and buy in bulk and give to employees or sell as branded mech to your customers. 

2. Branded aprons

Your kitchen staff obviously needs aprons for functionality, but an apron for your front of house staff is both functional and an opportunity to create a brand “moment”. Our aprons can be a stylish and durable option right off the rack, or customized as much or as little as you’d like. We love the Camouflage full and waist aprons with a clean back top. We also have options ranging from herringbone, stain-repellent twill, and denim

3. Branded Polos, aloha shirts, jumpsuits vests

Branded shirts are the most common team workwear worn in storefront businesses or hospitality. The ability to throw on your company-branded shirt makes running to client meetings or your next industry trade show easy and quick. 

 You can also make a statement with a customized woman’s cocktail jumpsuit or Henley shirts for your front-of-house hostesses and hosts. These will give off a professional and friendly first impression and help guests and customers recognize who your staff members are. Customize these modern vests for a more upscale look (available in both men’s and women’s fits and sizes).

 If your team is constantly on-the-go to or working outside, provide them with a warm jacket or blazer. They come in many styles, from casual (like our Navy Bomber Jacket for men and women) to formal (like the Ivory Shawl Collar Suit Coat for men and women). 

4. Classic, logo-less

Sometimes, a classic look is best. You don’t always need your logo or brand elements on your team’s workwear. For example, your servers can all wear the same White Banded Collar Oxford shirt with no logo or a unique, subtle touch like a custom pin. You may want to buy aprons for kitchen staff in a branded color rather than generic white with your logo. 

5. Accessories

Speaking of pins, workwear doesn’t have to stop at shirts and hats. Why not have your team wear custom-branded accessories? Here are some examples of custom pins and hardware we’ve created for businesses across North America:

  • Pins - Hotel Kansas City created custom pins for their hotel, restaurant, and bar staff to wear. Billy Sunday Cocktail bar made on-brand enamel pins for their team. 
  • Bottle Opener - CB2 x Stock had a custom-designed metal bottle opener with a leather fringe.
  • Tie bar - Gibsons Restaurants made a stunning polished silver tie bar with their logo gold-etched on the front. Daxton Hotel made their tie bar in brass with a matte engraved logo. 

Here are a few more branded workwear accessory ideas. 

6. Custom-designed apparel

Why not stand out from the crowd in something unique? You can get your staff on brand with custom workwear tailored to your needs. Some of the biggest hotel and restaurant brands do this, and their customers' notice.

How does it work through Stock Mfg?

  1. DESIGN: If you have ideas, share them with us, and we can help refine them. We’ll work with you to design from the ground up or take your existing designs. This guarantees 100% uniqueness, something your competitors won’t also be wearing. 
  2. DEVELOPMENT: Next, we begin creating. We’ll test different materials and design elements to find one that fits your style.
  3. CONTINUITY: Need to order more custom-designed apparel six months from now? That’s ok because we guarantee your custom styles won’t be discontinued. 

3 ways to customize your team’s workwear

At Stock Mfg, we make custom, modern workwear with the finest ingredients. You can customize our apparel in 3 ways:

Concept: Start with your idea, and we’ll help you create fully custom workwear

Curated: Know your brand style? Browse from our collection of curated styles. 

Core: Looking for something more out-of-the-box. Shop our core catalogue of branded apparel.


Do you have an idea for your team’s custom-branded apparel? The possibilities are endless. Contact our design or sales team today, and we’ll help you get started.