Best Choices & Options for Fall and Winter Hotel Uniforms

Are the fall and winter seasons a busy one for your hotel? As your hotel gets busier, you may need to hire extra seasonal staff to support the additional guests. You’ll also be responsible for providing a uniform that keeps them warm during this traditionally cooler season in the northern hemisphere.

If you need to purchase fall and winter uniforms for your hotel staff, keep reading to get our expert tips for helping them stay warm and comfortable this upcoming season.  

Plan for two uniform options

Many businesses will invest in at least two uniform sets for their year-round staff: one for warmer seasons and one for colder ones. This allows your staff to wear a uniform that better considers the weather for their optimum comfort. This is especially important for any staff that work outdoors, like valets and bellhops. 

Also, consider layered uniform looks where staff can remove a layer if it becomes too warm. For example, the blazer in this curated modern hotel uniform can be removed in warmer climates, so the white service dress shirt is worn. Be sure staff wear their name tags or other branded apparel so guests can easily identify staff when they remove their blazers.

Fabric options for warmth and style

Your choice of fabrics is a crucial element of comfort and warmth for your hotel employee uniforms. Here are some standard fabrics you may want to consider. 


Wool is a classic cold-weather fabric for hotel uniforms. It keeps the wearer warm and is breathable to help prevent overheating. It’s also highly resistant to stains and dirt, making it an excellent choice for hotel restaurant or bar server uniforms. 


Cotton is a good choice for year-round uniforms as they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It keeps you warm by trapping your body’s heat between the fabric threads, not allowing it to escape. This fabric is also weather-resistant, so if your staff work outdoors, they get protection from rainy day sprinkles in Fall. Cotton is also great for layered looks in the winter. 


Fleece can also help keep your hotel team warm in winter. It’s lightweight and inexpensive. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have water resistance properties, so it’s best worn undercover, which may be acceptable if your staff are outdoors but undercover. A fleece vest can often be worn under a more waterproof layer, like a jacket, for extra warmth.

Polyester (NOT a good choice for warmth)

Polyester is on this list as an example of a fabric that ISN’T a good choice for winter as it doesn’t have warming properties. If your staff are indoors, though, it can be an excellent fabric to use. 

Other options to keep your staff warm in winter

In addition to fabrics, here are some additional tips to help your outside teams of valets and bellhops stay warm:

  • Encourage regular breaks indoors. 
  • Provide shelter from the elements (rain, snow, wind)
  • Provide a heat lamp
  • Allow them to drink a warm beverage at their station
  • Provide hand warmers or heated vests

Where to get your warm, winter hotel staff uniforms

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