18 Best Restaurant Uniforms From Around the World

While the primary focus of a restaurant is the food, it can be a mistake to overlook the importance of uniforms. After all, they're an extension of the restaurant brand.

Imagine how a uniform can embody your restaurant's concept. A sophisticated, jet-black uniform could imply a luxury dining environment, while a laid-back, vibrant outfit might convey a cozy, family-centric ambiance. The small details you add also contribute to the story of your brand.

So while the food usually holds center stage in a restaurant's operations, the role of uniforms shouldn't be underestimated. They're a crucial piece of the bigger picture, influencing the atmosphere and the dining experience.

Stock knows restaurant uniforms. We're the go-to designers for tailor-made uniforms that have made Chicago-based restaurants and hotels stand out. Below, we share some restaurant uniforms from the world's top restaurants, some of which could inspire your uniform program.

1. Khai Khai (UK)

From Instagram, @khaikhaincl

At Khai Khai, a heritage Indian comfort food restaurant in New Castle Upon Tyne, the staff uniforms exude an essence of tradition. The forest green attire with granddad collars and customized shirt cuffs with traditional patterns is as rich and inviting as their culinary offerings.

From Instagram, @khaikhaincl

2. Niri Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

From Instagram, @niriabudhabi

Nestled in the bustling cityscape of Abu Dhabi, Niri exhibits a stylish take on the traditional Japanese culinary scene. 

The staff at Niri adorn themselves in sophisticated chambray uniforms, enhanced with matching bandanas for the chefs. 

The ensemble is tastefully completed with the restaurant's embroidered logo. The uniform choice reflects Niri's commitment to creating a chic yet approachable atmosphere, in line with the modern, innovative spin they bring to classic Japanese dishes.

From Instagram, @niriabudhabi

3. Attica (Australia)

Attica, located in Melbourne, Australia, is a renowned restaurant that focuses on highlighting native Australian ingredients in its dishes. The restaurant's uniforms pay homage to the country's unique flora and fauna.

The staff wears earth-toned attire with subtle botanical patterns, reflecting the natural beauty of Australia. The uniforms incorporate sustainable and locally sourced materials, aligning with Attica's commitment to environmental consciousness and indigenous culture.

From Instagram, @atticamelbourne

4. Hutong (Hong Kong)

From Instagram, @hutonghk

At Hutong, the renowned Northern Chinese restaurant perched high above Hong Kong; the staff uniforms channel a profound sense of cultural richness. 

Servers' aprons showcase Chinese art and calligraphy, while chefs don Mandarin-style jackets with minimalist calligraphy, creating a blend of culture and elegance that complements Hutong's interior decor and fine dining restaurant-vibe.

From Instagram, @hutonghk

5. Brujas Mex (Mexico)

From Instagram, @brujasmex

Brujas Mex, a women-led cocktail bar in Mexico City, dresses its female staff in striking black or maroon uniforms with a band collar and a vibrant Brujas logo patchwork. 

The attire mirrors the bar's mystic charm, rooted in Mexican herbalism and female-driven narratives.

From Instagram, @brujasmex

6. Gaggan (Thailand)

From Instagram, @gaggan_anand

Gaggan, a progressive Indian restaurant in Bangkok, matches its innovative cuisine with equally modern staff attire. 

Contrasting the restaurant's colorful and lively ambiance, the staff sport black denim uniforms with stark white contrast stitches. This sleek, contemporary aesthetic subtly nods to Gaggan's cutting-edge approach to traditional Indian gastronomy.

7. Noma (Denmark)

From Instagram, @nomacph

The uniform mirrors the restaurant's minimalist and earthy design at Noma, one of the world’s top dining destinations. 

The staff wear simple aprons, understated shirts, and durable denim, reflecting the ethos of Scandinavian design. This casual yet refined attire underlines Noma's commitment to sustainable practices.

From Instagram, @nomacph

8. The Ivy (UK)

Known for its theatrical charm, The Ivy UK offers exquisite dining amidst artistic, lush surroundings. Here, staff uniforms also captivate with vibrant, floral designs that mirror the eclectic decor. The bartenders stand out, donning colorful, eye-catching suits that enhance this landmark restaurant's vibe.

From Instagram, @the_ivy_collection

From Instagram, @the_ivy_collection

9. Pujol (Mexico)

From Instagram, @pujolrestaurant

Considered one of the best restaurants in Mexico, Pujol embraces its heritage, offering a modern, avant-garde twist on traditional Mexican cuisine.

The staff uniforms reflect the brand’s unique blend of tradition and innovation. The staff's attire is minimalist, with dark and earthy tones and simple lines, echoing the organic textures of Mexican cuisine and culture.

From Instagram, @pujolrestaurant

10. Parachute (USA)

Parachute x Stock 

The staff attire mixes casual with stylish, featuring linen smock-style aprons in a calm shade of blue. 

Complementing these are uniquely designed high-fashion inspired tees boasting wide short sleeves, a cropped body, and a tall ribbed neck in a lightweight French terry cloth. This warm tan ensemble reflects Parachute's relaxed yet creatively ambitious approach to its culinary art.

11. The Grove (New Zealand)

The Grove, one of New Zealand's finest dining establishments, features uniforms that exude a blend of class and comfort. 

The staff attire is relaxed, with a crisp, coastal color palette. This stylish yet unpretentious aesthetic mirrors the restaurant's commitment to offering refined, locally-sourced dishes in a welcoming atmosphere.

From Instagram, @thegrovenz

12. Ultraviolet (China)

At Ultraviolet, the staff sport denim uniforms with a futuristic edge and multiple pockets, reflecting the restaurant's forward-thinking ethos. This unique dress code complements Ultraviolet's immersive, multi-sensory dining experience in its avant-garde, tech-enhanced ambiance.

13. Central (Peru)

From Instagram, @centralrest

Central, a top culinary spot in Peru, strikes a balance with its custom restaurant uniforms. The menu showcases Peru's biodiversity through a sublime, ingredient-focused menu and chic ambiance. On the other hand, the denim-inspired tones stand out without overshadowing the restaurant's artful cuisine, perfectly reflecting Central's blend of simplicity and sophistication.

From Instagram, @centralrest

14. In-N-Out Burger (USA)

From Instagram, @innout

Known for its California-inspired aesthetic, In-N-Out Burger takes a fun, retro approach to its uniforms. 

The chain’s iconic white pants and red aprons have become symbols of the classic American fast-food experience. Complete with paper hats and striped shirts, their restaurant uniform takes you back in time while reflecting the brand's commitment to simplicity and consistency.

15. Restaurant Tim Raue (Germany)

From Instagram, @restauranttimraue

At Berlin's Restaurant Tim Raue, the staff uniforms mirror the simplicity and practicality of its Asian-inspired cuisine. They're solid royal blue, with functional sleeve pockets for tools. On special occasions, these simple uniforms are enhanced with festive patches. Notably, head chef Tim Raue wears the same attire as his team.

From Instagram, @restauranttimraue

16. Le Select (USA)


Le Select x Stock

Le Select has a distinct interior design aesthetic that is firmly rooted in the style of a classic French brasserie. When Stock partnered with them to create a uniform design, Le Select wanted to ensure the uniforms were designed to be cohesive with their overall vibe. 

For their uniforms, we decided to design a white tuxedo jacket to be the staple of the uniform. This jacket was created with modern cuts and luxurious fabrics. We paired this with a placket tuxedo shirt, a black silk bowtie, and our black stretch trousers for a classic finish.


17. Lure Fishbar (USA)

Lure Fishbar x Stock

Staff radiate elegance in their uniform: navy double-breasted vests paired with thin, vertical blue/white dress shirts and broad-striped ties. 

A maroon bib and waist apron featuring the Lure logo near the pocket add a visual twist. The uniforms harmoniously blend with Lure's vibrant atmosphere, fresh, delightful seafood offerings, and exceptional service.

18. RPM Steak (USA) 

RPM Steak x Stock

This uniform gives a contemporary spin on the classic Chicago Steakhouse Uniform. The look consists of our most-referenced pieces - a slim, double vented suit coat. This suit coat is made of tropical-weight poly which provides a sharp look while also being comfortable and functional. 

The tie the look together, we’ve paired this iconic coat with a white dress shirt, black tie, and black slacks. These high-quality basics give the fit a timeless and sleek overall vibe.

Tips from These Restaurant Uniforms:

  1. Brand Reflection: Uniforms should mirror your restaurant's ethos and themes, as with Lure Fishbar's logo-marked aprons.
  2. Atmosphere Alignment: Your uniform should resonate with your restaurant's ambiance. Earth-toned attire at Attica and Hutong's traditional Chinese uniforms exemplify this.
  3. Color and Pattern Play: Add visual interest with unique colors and patterns, like The Ivy's vibrant floral designs or Niri's minimalistic chambray.
  4. Practicality: Ensure uniforms are functional and comfortable. Ultraviolet and Safehouse add practical elements like multiple pockets to their uniforms.
  5. Cohesion: A sense of unity among staff is crucial, as showcased by Restaurant Tim Raue, where everyone wears the same outfit.
  6. Quality Materials: Use durable, quality materials, possibly sustainable and locally sourced, as seen with Attica's uniforms.
  7. Innovation: Uniforms can also be a platform for innovation, as Gaggan's modern denim uniforms demonstrate.
  1. Embrace Minimalism: Following current trends, a clean and minimalist approach to uniforms, as exhibited by Noma and Pujol, can convey an elegant and refined aesthetic.
  2. Tradition and Heritage: Emphasize the cultural background of your cuisine through your uniforms. For example, the granddad collars and traditional patterns of Khai Khai's uniforms highlight their Indian heritage.
  3. Emphasize Theme: If your restaurant has a unique theme, let your uniforms tell that story. Safehouse, for instance, enhances its spy theme with operative-inspired outfits.

Make a Statement with Stock

Restaurant uniforms go beyond mere clothing; they articulate your brand's story, contribute to the ambiance, and help bring your staff closer together and to the brand. 

Many restaurants worldwide offer a range of inspirations, showcasing traditions, innovation, and current trends like minimalism. When choosing your restaurant's uniform, consider its aesthetics and the message it sends about your establishment.

Looking to elevate your restaurant's image with bespoke uniforms? Stock can help! We've worked with Chicago's top food spots on their uniform programs. Read more about our work: https://stockmfgco.com/blogs/partners/tagged/case-study-restaurant-uniforms.