Lure Fishbar x Stock Mfg.

We first met with James Meek, GM of Lure Fishbar Chicago, to discuss uniforms in May of 2020 when the pandemic was still new, restaurants were shut down, and no one knew when they’d reopen. Familiar with Lure’s other locations in New York City and South Beach, we were excited at the prospect of designing uniforms for the prestigious fresh seafood restaurant’s newest spot. 

Lure Interior


Lure had taken over the space that previously housed David Burke’s Primehouse, and hired AvroKO for the restaurant’s interior design. We’d designed and manufactured uniforms for several other unique AvroKO-designed concepts (Momotaro, Somerset in The Viceroy, The Hoxton Hotel, Perry Lane Hotel, Duck Duck Goat, and Swift & Sons), so we knew there would be no shortage of creative design elements from which we could draw inspiration.

Lure Uniform Detail

We’d worked with James in his previous position at Bavette’s, where we made wool vests for the servers. He liked this style, and wanted to bring it with him to Lure but add a nautical twist that aligned with the theme of the dining room. So we created a navy version of the double-breasted vest with a charcoal satin back and adjustable cinch. Under the vests, servers wear a thin vertical blue/white dress shirt and broad-striped tie. For a visual break from the blues, we went with an in-stock maroon bib and waist aprons embellished with the Lure logo embroidered near the pocket.

Lure Apron

When the doors finally opened, we were lucky enough to be some of the first diners to experience Chicago’s newest seafood darling. The space was beautiful, the food was incredibly fresh and tasty, cocktails were unique and refreshing, and the service was above and beyond. Make a point of visiting Lure Fishbar the next time you’re in the mood for a top-notch seafood experience. And don’t miss the crispy sushi rice, a personal favorite! 

Lure Full Uniform