Serve in Style: Where to Buy Server Aprons for Your Hospitality Business

Restaurant servers wearing aprons from Stock MFG

​​As a hospitality business owner, you know that your staff's appearance can significantly impact your customers' overall experience. And when it comes to server uniforms, the apron is a crucial element that can make or break the look. A well-designed and high-quality apron enhances the appearance of your servers and provides functionality and comfort. 

With so many options out there, where should you buy the best aprons for your hospitality business? In this article, we'll explore the best places to buy server aprons to help you find the perfect one for your staff.

Types and Features of Server Aprons

Server wearing custom black Stock MFG apron

Server aprons come in different types and styles, each with its unique features and benefits. For instance, waist aprons provide more coverage and are perfect for servers carrying more items, such as pens and order pads. 

Another aspect to consider when selecting server aprons is the material. Cotton aprons are comfortable and easy to wash, while polyester blends are more durable and resistant to wrinkles. Some aprons also have pockets, which can come in handy for carrying small items.

Here are some more considerations you can use when selecting server aprons for your restaurant or hospitality business:

  • Durability: Long shifts require aprons that are able to withstand frequent use. Some materials are easier to clean and maintain, such as polyester blends.
  • Comfort: Your waiters or servers should be able to move freely in their uniforms, so look for aprons that are designed for ease of movement. These include adjustable straps, lightweight materials, and breathable fabrics.
  • Style: Any type of hospitality uniform should match your business's overall look and feel. Consider colors, patterns, and designs that will make your servers stand out from the crowd. Give your aprons an extra flair with embroidery, patches, or custom artwork.

Best Shops for Server Aprons

There are so many places to buy server aprons, so it can be tricky to know where to shop. Here are some of the best stores to help you find the perfect apron for your hospitality business:


Bar tendering wearing a Stock MFG uniform

We are a Chicago-based company specializing in custom-made hospitality uniforms, including server aprons. Our aprons are made of high-quality materials and come in various styles and colors, with the option to customize them with your logo or name.

Hospitality businesses come to us for durable, long-lasting, and high-quality aprons that elevate their uniforms.

An example of a popular product from our collection is the Cardinal Twill Stock Apron. It is made of 100% premium cotton, has a custom adjustable neck strap, and comes with a chest pocket modeled after our best-selling work shirts. Plus, we guarantee free repairs for life, so your investment will be well worth it.

We also carry less expensive aprons such as this polyester blend Charcoal Twill Shorty Waist Apron. This waist apron features dual hand pockets that are perfect for bartenders and servers. The apron is made with a 7oz twill cotton blend fabric that won't wrinkle or fade, making it a great option for busy hospitality businesses.


Amazon is a popular online marketplace with a vast selection of server aprons from various brands and price points. You can find aprons in different styles, colors, and materials, with prices ranging from a few dollars to over $50. 


Etsy is an online marketplace specializing in handmade and unique items, making it an excellent place to find one of a kind aprons with personalized designs. You can browse through thousands of aprons in different styles and fabrics and customize them to your liking. Moreover, buying from Etsy supports small businesses and independent artisans, making it a feel-good shopping experience.

One popular seller on Etsy is TheLeMiShop, which sells personalized aprons of all different kinds. This particular waist apron comes with three pockets and a choice of fonts for the customized name. You can also check out this classic bistro waist apron from Reluctant Trading, which is handcrafted on a 100-year-old loom in India and features two large pockets below the waist.


If you're looking for budget-friendly server aprons without compromising on quality, Walmart is an excellent choice. You can find aprons in different styles and colors, with prices starting at just a few dollars. However, remember that the selection may not be as extensive as other retailers.

One popular option at Walmart is the MHF Bib Apron with Pockets. It is made of 100% jet-spun polyester fabric with excellent color fastness and stain-resistant properties. Plus, it is machine-washable and requires no ironing.


Although primarily known for furniture and home decor, Wayfair also offers a selection of server aprons in various styles and materials. You can find aprons made of leather, denim, and cotton, among others. Additionally, Wayfair offers free shipping on orders over $35 and a 30-day return policy, making it a reliable choice for hospitality business owners.

One popular option at Wayfair is the Prep & Savour Apron, made of durable cotton and in various attractive colors. It features an adjustable neck strap and a sewn-in pocket on the front, making it a great choice for bartenders and servers.

Stock Mfg: The Best in Hospitality Uniforms

Waitress serving cocktails in a Stock MFG uniform

Having a wide range of shops and vendors to choose from for server aprons is excellent, but when it comes to reliable quality, Stock Mfg. is the best choice. We know how much hospitality businesses depend on their aprons and how important it is to have them look great when in use.

With a wide selection of aprons in different styles, materials, and discounts on orders over 12 pieces, Stock Mfg offers the ultimate combination of convenience and quality. You will find that our aprons are designed to withstand daily wear and tear in style.

Check out all of our available aprons here.