The Perfect Fit: Finding Uniforms for Front of House Staff

Front of house t-shirt and blazer uniforms

Front-of-house (FOH) positions are the customer-facing roles. From hosts, servers, food runners, and front desk agents, these positions are essential in providing guests a positive experience. If you run a hospitality establishment, you know the importance of having a well-oiled hospitality team. With all the moving parts involved, it’s vital that FOH staff look the part and have a uniform that reflects the business’s values and standards.

Let’s take a look at the different types of FOH positions in hospitality, what uniforms they typically wear, and how to design a uniform schedule. 

If you need more help creating the right uniform for your business, let Stock take the hassle out of creating the perfect uniform for your business.

Front-of-House Positions in Hospitality

Servers standing together in Stock MFG. Uniforms

Front-of-house staff are the face of the establishment and are a key to its success. These customer-facing positions are responsible for managing the interactions between the restaurant or hotel and its patrons. 

There are many different FOH positions in the hotel and restaurant industry. Each role has its own specific tasks and duties, but all are equally important when it comes to providing excellent service.

Here is a list of common front-of-house (FOH) positions in the hospitality industry:

  • Host or hostess - greets guests, manages reservations, and seats customers.
  • Waitstaff or server - takes orders, serves food and drinks, and handles payments.
  • Bartender - prepares and serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Busser - clears tables, resets them, and assists waitstaff.
  • Food runner - delivers food from the kitchen to the dining room.
  • Greeter - welcomes guests to the restaurant and sets the tone for a positive dining experience.
  • Door greeter - welcomes guests into the hotel reception.
  • Valet - in charge of parking and retrieving vehicles for guests.
  • Reception agent - in charge of check-in and check-out of hotel guest staff.

Uniforms for Front-of-House Positions

Bar tender wearing a Stock MFG. uniform

When it comes to uniforms for FOH positions, the key is to make sure they look professional and reflect the culture of the establishment.

Depending on the business and the position, uniforms may include dress shirts, vests, slacks, skirts, bow ties and/or aprons. Some restaurants may also require headwear such as hats or visors for their servers and bartenders.

For a uniform to be effective and successful, it needs to be well-designed and comfortable. Stock has an array of styles and colors that are perfect for any type of hospitality space. Our uniform selection includes classic, timeless pieces that will never go out of style and some trendier items to keep your staff looking sharp. And, of course, all of our uniforms are made with high-quality fabrics that are durable enough to handle whatever your staff throws at them.

A Quick Guide to Front-of House Uniforms

Bar staff mixing cocktails

When designing a uniform for your front-of-house employees, there are several things to consider. 

Let's break down the elements of a good uniform and what should be taken into account when creating one.


Employees need to be comfortable in their uniforms, so choose lightweight fabrics and breathable materials that are both stylish and functional.

Take a look at these Stock Joggers, for example. They’re made from a linen/cotton blend with 2% elasticity for added comfort and mobility, these bottoms are perfect for employees of casual and hip restaurants or hotels.


It’s important to select uniforms that are designed for the job. For example, servers need pockets to carry order pads and pens, while bartenders require garments that are easy to move around in and even easier to clean just in case of spills.

Pockets, like the ones in this beautiful Shawl Collar Suit make all the difference for FOH uniforms. With six of them in the suit, there’s plenty of room for carrying everything from order pads to pens and everything in between.


Uniforms should always look professional and reflect the values and standards of your business. It doesn't matter if you're a fine dining establishment or a laid-back bar, uniforms should be stylish and timeless.

Bistro Aprons are a classic example of this. You can turn them into a signature look with the help of unique details, like leather straps and metal buckles.


Uniforms take a lot of wear and tear in the hospitality industry, so make sure to invest in quality pieces that can stand up to the demands of the job.

When it comes to selecting uniforms for your team, chambray is a great option. Not only does this fabric offer an undeniably stylish look that transcends time periods and trends, but it's also incredibly durable. Stocks chambray uniforms, like this one, have just the right amount of stretch and durability to keep your team going those long shifts.


Last but not least, uniforms should be stylish enough to make a statement and create an inviting atmosphere.

This men's uniform for Soho House, for example, is a perfect representation of the brand's aesthetic. With chambray club collar shirts, twill double-breasted vests, corduroy bow ties and wool herringbone trousers, the look is casual yet refined.

You can also check out this Smock-Style Linen Apron, which works perfectly with a laid-back restaurant atmosphere. For Parachute, we designed the apron to feature cross-back straps and dual jean-style pockets. We love the way the blue linen fabric gives it a naturally flowy look that adds to the overall aesthetic.

Tips for Designing a Uniform Program

Mock up of uniforms designs by Stock MFG.

Creating a uniform schedule for your front-of-house team is essential for making sure they are always looking their best. Here are some tips for designing an effective uniform schedule:

Designate color roles

Different colors will be associated with different positions within the restaurant. For example, hostesses might wear black, waiters will be in white and bussers could be designated with gray.

Set cleaning requirements

Uniforms should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking sharp. Set a weekly cleaning schedule and make sure employees are aware of it.

Assign accessories

Designate which accessories will be associated with each role. To keep things unique and interesting, consider adding some custom touches like neckties or pocket squares. For example, your waitstaff might wear a bowtie or pocket square in the same color that is associated with their role.

Uniform Differences Between Front-of-House and Back-of-House Staff

Chef in a kitchen wearing a uniform by Stock MFG.

FOH and BOH staff have different needs and styles when it comes to uniforms. Here are the key differences:

Front-of-House: FOH uniforms should be stylish and professional. Waiter aprons, vests, ties and pocket squares can all work together to create a unified look.

Back-of-House: BOH staff may need more specialized pieces, like maintenance uniforms, kitchen coats, and chef hats. Comfort and safety should be the top priority when selecting uniforms for back-of-house staff. 

This doesn't mean that they should sacrifice style. Simple and classic pieces, like comfortable pants for your line cook, can keep them looking polished while staying comfortable during long shifts.

Stock: Your Source for Stylish Hospitality Uniforms

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