GT Prime Uniforms by Stock

Back in December of 2015 we received an intriguing email from a prominent interior design firm in Chicago stating there were designing a new steakhouse for Boka Restaurant Group, and they wanted to know if we could custom-design staff uniforms for them.

Now, a steakhouse being built in Chicago is not a terribly intriguing idea on its own. What was so interesting to us was the concept and design of this steakhouse. Not wanting to follow the tried and true path of the typical Chicago steakhouse, GT Prime was explained to us as "Having an enchanted forest/woodland fairy" type vibe.

Taking that information, along with the beautiful renderings provided to us by Studio K, we created a uniform program that was upscale in style, while more casual in fabrication.

Tweed Vest

Heavy on waxed cotton and tweed, the staff exudes a timeless earthiness while remaining stylish and contemporary.

Waxed Apron

To add a fun finishing touch, we created custom enamel pins for the staff to affix to their lapels. One rabbit and one fox with "GT" engraving helped round out the woodland theme, and put an exclamation mark on one of our all time favorite projects.

Enamel Pin