Step Inside Our Factory

Early 2017, after nearly five years of partnering with factories all over Chicago, we took the leap and opened our own shop, right here in the city, entirely focused on making Stock clothing.

This new factory is the product of over two years worth of research and work, and is a fundamentally different way of manufacturing garments than is usually seen. Incorporating the philosophies of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System, our factory is designed to eliminate waste and improve quality, all while empowering our employees to be a part of the team - not just a cog in the machine.


Our sewing machines are set up in a "U" shaped module, as opposed to side by side, assembly line style.


Our makers are cross trained to do every operation, and are able to move from station to station, should the workflow demand it.


All of our tables are modified to be used standing up, enabling easier movement between stations (and promoting cardiovascular health).


Everything we do at Stock is done with our customers in mind. We truly believe that building this factory was the best way to continue delivering more and more high quality products to you at a fair price. Come see for yourself, and find out why we stand so thoroughly behind everything we make.