Unique Restaurant Uniforms From Around The World

Unique and creative uniforms can become a key part of a restaurant's identity. From color schemes to custom designs, restaurants around the world are using uniforms to stand out.

At Stock, we believe that the clothes make the brand. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most memorable restaurant uniforms and tips for creating stylish apparel for your employees.

Unique Restaurant Uniforms Around the World


The uniforms at Vespertine are not just attire; they're art. Drawing inspiration from dystopian aesthetics, particularly reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale, the outfits offer an avant-garde, almost otherworldly feel to dining, complementing the restaurant's cutting-edge culinary presentations. 

Café Sacher

At this famous spot in Vienna, Austria, the waitresses don traditional dirndl dresses. These elegant ensembles feature a blouse, full skirt, apron, and bodice for a classically Austrian flair. Combined with the opulent decor of the cafe, the uniforms help recreate the cafe's original 19th-century ambiance.


Parachute's attire reflects its distinctive brand. The restaurant merges a casual dining ambiance with a gourmet menu. Their staff are outfitted in a flowing blue linen apron paired with a wide short-sleeved terry tee. This combination echoes the establishment's sophisticated yet approachable spirit.

Cafe de Tacuba

Every aspect of Cafe de Tacuba is a celebration of Mexican heritage, and the uniforms are no exception. Adorned in traditional Mexican attire, servers cater to guests amidst a backdrop of live music and an extensive menu, creating a rich tapestry of flavors and culture.


The Wagamama chain in the UK has partnered with sustainable fashion brand Pangaia to create eco-friendly hoodies and shirts made from recycled materials to replace their usual uniforms. Not exactly unique in terms of visual design, but a pioneering step in sustainability efforts within the restaurant industry.

Gold Restaurant

Nestled in Cape Town, Gold Restaurant has unique, rich, and colorful uniforms that bring a vibrance to the restaurant. The rustic decor is juxtaposed with uniforms that are reminiscent of the vast African plains — earthy tones infused with patterns and textiles that echo the rhythms of the continent.


Momotaro in Chicago's West Loop highlights intricate design. Staff uniforms mirror this with silk-like shirts, durable aprons, and unique braided straps featuring custom leather stoppers with the restaurant's kana logo, exemplifying meticulous detail.


Apricity in London has stylish, sustainable uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles by designer Gung Ho. The fresh prints are both beautiful and reflect the restaurant's goal of low environmental impact.

Ninja Tokyo

This restaurant in Tokyo has servers dressed as, you guessed it, ninjas. Decked out in full black uniforms complete with masks and tabi boots, these modern-day ninjas leap and tumble as they deliver sushi and pour sake for delighted customers. Their theatrical antics transport diners right into medieval Japan and leave a memorable experience.

Tips for Designing Unique Uniforms

Know your brand

When brainstorming uniform concepts, think about your restaurant's brand identity and the experience you want to create. Is your style traditional, playful, modern, or retro? Choose colors, textures, and silhouettes that bring your vision to life.

Flexibility and adaptability

While the basic theme can remain consistent, nuances can be introduced to make the uniform adaptable for various functions. For instance, a breathable fabric for kitchen staff, spill-resistant material for waitstaff, or a formal touch for the host.

Support your community

Collaborate with local fashion designers or students to create custom prints and accessories. Introduce aprons, hats, or bow ties featuring your restaurant logo or other motifs.


The future is green. Opt for sustainable materials, organic fabrics, and environmentally friendly dyes. It's a nod to the planet and a step towards responsible dining.


Provide different uniform options to suit your staff's preferences across gender, religion, and abilities. Ensure uniforms are comfortable and allow easy movement. You can also encourage staff to provide input on uniforms. They have valuable perspectives on comfort, functionality, and style.

Make it seasonal and exciting

Introduce variety. Rotate uniforms with the changing seasons, adapting to climatic needs and introducing fresh palettes and fabrics. Instead of a complete overhaul, you could also consider updating a particular element of the uniform regularly, like a tie, scarf, or accessory. This keeps things fresh without being overly expensive.

Quality and Safety Above Everything Else

Invest in high-quality materials even if they cost more upfront, they will last a lot longer. In addition to that, it’s also important to make sure uniforms abide by safety and hygiene regulations. Avoid loose or dangling pieces that could catch fire or contaminate food. Well-made and safe uniforms last longer and make your staff look polished.

Consider the Maintenance

This is related to quality. When designing uniforms, think about how often they will be washed and how they will stand up to the rigors of daily use. Choose materials that are durable, resistant to fading, and easy to care for. Also, ensure that the chosen fabric doesn't shrink or wrinkle easily.

Functionality is Key

Pockets, loops, or holders for pens, notepads, or tools can be both stylish and incredibly functional. Consider what your staff might need to carry and design accordingly.

Stock: Everything you need in a uniform

With some creative thinking and smart design, your restaurant uniform can do much more than just identify restaurant staff. They're an opportunity to express your establishment's one-of-a-kind personality and wow your guests.

From the first idea to the last stitch, let Stock bring your vision to life in a uniform that aligns with your brand's values and leaves a strong impression. We create custom restaurant uniforms that provide your customers with an experience as special as your menu and story.