What Should A Host or Hostess Wear?

What Should Hosts or Hostesses Wear

Selecting the right uniform for your hostess can have a big impact on how confident and comfortable they feel in their role. Hostesses are typically the first employee a customer deals with and thus sets the tone for the customer's experience at the restaurant. 

A restaurant host or hostess should wear a uniform that reflects the brand and atmosphere of the restaurant. They should look polished, but not over-the-top. They should feel comfortable, but still look put-together.

The Hostess Is the First Impression

Making First Impression At Restaurant

The host or hostess is the face of the restaurant, and they should look both stylish and professional. They set the tone for your guest's experience and should be dressed appropriately. 

Whether it's greeting guests or seating them, managing wait times, and ensuring the food is served, the hostess gets things rolling. And while there are no hard and fast rules for what to wear, a few guidelines can help you make the right choice.

Formal or Fine Dining Restaurants

When it comes to formal or fine dining restaurants, the hostess should go with a dress or skirt and top combination. Opt for something elegant, such as a cocktail dress. For male hosts, a suit and tie is the way to go. Keep the colors classic and muted such as black, navy, or grey.

Collared shirts like this white dress shirt for women and this white banded shirt for men are great for layering with blazers and suits.

Fashion Tips For A Formal Occasion or Venue:

  • Choose a dress or suit with a classic cut
  • Depending on the restaurant brand and style, add a statement piece of jewelry, like a pair of statement earrings
  • Wear comfortable shoes, such as flats or low heels
  • Opt for high-quality, durable fabrics

Casual or Modern Restaurants

For a more casual setting, the hostess should still be dressed to impress. 

Choose relaxed and comfortable pieces like a classic t-shirt, jeans, or relaxed  dress, like this versatile shirt dress

A busy restaurant will require something durable, so materials like cotton or linen are perfect. For example, a cami-top paired with jeans or an airy jumpsuit are ideal for restaurants that are on the more casual side, like a bistro, cafe, or pub. Family-friendly restaurants can also opt for a fun, but still professional look, like a colorful linen dress or patterned shirt.

Fashion Tips For A Casual Restaurant Or Occasion:

  • Invest in well-made basics
  • Choose a fashionable yet comfortable shoe
  • Accessorize and add a pop of color with statement pieces, such as jewelry. 
  • Choose items that can be easily mixed and matched to create different looks

Accessorize To Show Off Your Hostess's Style

Accessory Pins for Hostesses

No matter what look you choose, the key to a perfect hostess outfit is accessorizing. The right accessories can really tie an outfit together and make the hostess stand out. As soon as your hosts greet guests, they become the face of your restaurant or event.

For GT Prime, which is a casual elegant steakhouse, we created one rabbit and one fox die-struck pin style with "GT" engraving to round out their woodland theme. This subtle touch adds an extra bit of class and elegance to their host's and wait staff's look.

Tie bars are also an excellent choice for hosting and waitstaff uniforms, especially for formal settings.. With a dapper tie bar, your staff can look sharp and professional. We provided Aparium Hotel Group's Daxton Hotel with custom engraved tie bars as part of their uniform program. The gold tie bar with a brushed finish and classic font makes for an eye-catching, sophisticated addition to their staff's attire.

And don't forget a nice apron to carry the hostess's essentials. Hostess responsibilities often include carrying around supplies like menus, pens, and more.

For a more low-key look, consider a hip pouch. Stock’s twill side pouches have a wide variety of utility. Featuring a front pouch that can accommodate a spray bottle or notebook, large rear pouch, and webbed carry-all strap, this is the perfect low-profile accessory.

More Tips For The Perfect Hostess Wear

Here are some more tips for nailing that hostess look:

Prepare for the specifics of the job

Will they be carrying trays or clearing tables? Will they be greeting customers and seating guests throughout the night? These questions and more should be taken into account when choosing an outfit.

Comfort comes first

Hosts and hostesses are often on their feet for eight hours a day. Comfort should always be a priority. To do an excellent job, they need to be comfortable and confident in their outfit.

Find the perfect balance between formal and casual

When in doubt, dress up a little more than you think you need to. A hostess should always look polished and well-dressed, but there's no need to go overboard. Find the perfect balance between formal and casual that is appropriate for the restaurant setting. 

Have a cohesive look

Having a cohesive style for all the hostesses and servers will give your restaurant a more professional feel and signal to guests that they are in good hands. 

It also ensures that everyone is dressed appropriately. For example, formal wait staff can wear banded collar shirts, while casual restaurants can go for simple shirts with aprons.

Stock. Can Outfit Your Host and Hostesses

So, now that we know how to dress a hostess for any restaurant setting, it's time to put together the look. 

Stock. is known for our stylish and functional restaurant apparel, offering everything from dresses to bomber jackets to pants. We can also customize any item for your restaurant or venue, and let you add your own logo or branding.

No matter what look you're going for, Stock. has the perfect pieces to outfit your hostess with style. With our help, you can make sure your hostess looks her best and represents the vibe of the establishment.