Elegant and Durable
Classy Bartender Uniform

List Price: $225

This look includes:

•White Bartender Jacket

•White Service Oxford

• Black Stretch Trousers

The Look:

This look takes a modern twist on the classic bartender jacket. Our suit coat piece strikes the perfect balance between elegance and durability, making it ideal for both formal events and the demanding world of fine-dining service. Pair our jacket with our ever-classic white service oxford and sleek black stretch trousers for a polished and elegant look. This look is perfect for any bar with a classy vibe. 

Looking for something that is still classic but more casual? Consider pairing White Service Oxford with our Black Stretch Service Jeans and Black Waxed Canvas Apron. This look is clean and will never go out of style. The apron provides all the necessary utility for your bar staff and is ultra-durable. Our Black Service Stretch Jeans are comfortable and perfect for busy bartenders.

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      5 products