Elegant and Modern
Luxury Hotel Uniform

List Price: $328

This look includes:

  • Ivory Shawl Collar Suit Coat
  • White Service Oxford
  • Black Stretch Trouser

The Look: This kit is an all-time classic when it comes to formal staff wear. Our Shawl Collar Suit Coat is made with strong yet breathable material so that your staff can be comfortable while looking sharp. The coat has a timeless cut and the cream color gives a modern luxurious look. Paired with our White Service Oxford and Black Stretch Trousers to give your staff an overall sophisticated and professional appearance. 

If this look isn’t calling your name, consider working with us to create a custom uniform tailored to your hotel. At Stock, we have deep roots in fashion and design. We can create custom looks from the ground up, in any style or aesthetic, to bring your unique vision to life. We also never discontinue items so while we create one-of-a-kind looks, you can have more made in the future to keep your uniforms consistent.

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      7 products

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