Elegant and Simple
Modern Bartender Uniform

List Price: $215.00

This look includes:

• Double Breasted Charcoal Tweed Vest

• White Service Oxford

• Black Service Chino

The Look:
The double breasted charcoal tweed vest provides your bartenders with a modern, tailored look. We paired this vest with a simple, yet clean Oxford white shirt and a pair of functional black Chinos to create a perfect look for any modern bar or lounge.

For more of a statement look, consider pairing our Wide Collar Blouse or the White Service Dress Shirt with our Black Stretch Service Jeans. This look provides a clean and fashionable vibe that will make your staff stand out. Enhance the overall funcionality of this look by pairing it with our Black Herringbone Waist Apron. Equipped with dual pockets, this expertly crafted apron adds a sleek finish to any uniform ensamble.

Modern Bartender Uniform Men
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      8 products

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