Restaurant Uniform Ideas

Creating a memorable dining experience involves more than just the food and ambiance—every detail counts, including your staff's attire. The perfect restaurant uniform not only reinforces your brand and sets the tone, but also ensures your team looks and feels their best. Here are 15 trendy restaurant uniform ideas to inspire you, plus some additional tips to keep in mind when designing your restaurant's uniforms.

1. Upscale Steakhouse

Outfit your servers in sophisticated tuxedo jackets with satin shawl collars, paired with double-breasted vests for server assistants and black velvet bowties for a touch of luxury. Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse executed this look flawlessly with uniforms from Stock.

2. Trendy Industrial Brewery

Keep it cool and casual with dark denim aprons, black branded polo shirts featuring your brewery logo, and grey chambray shirts for managers to stand out. They're easy to clean and maintain and can be paired with jeans, khakis, or shorts depending on your restaurant's style.

One good example of a brewery with stylish, on-brand uniforms is Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago. Stock has collaborated with Goose Island to create embroidered chambray shirts with custom co-branded labels for the Goose Island Taproom staff and retail shop. The shirts feature the Goose Island logo stitched on the chest. We also worked with them on short-sleeved grey chambray shirts for the Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse staff, complete with custom-engraved black buttons and location-specific embroidery.

3. Farm-to-Table Bistro

Rustic charm never gets old. Outfit your staff with plaid flannel shirts, brown duck canvas aprons, dark wash jeans, and boots for a down-to-earth vibe. Accessorize with bandanas or neck kerchiefs in muted earth tones. You can also add leather straps to aprons for durability and style. The renowned Blue Hill at Stone Barns in upstate New York dresses their staff in simple white shirts, grey and navy chambray aprons, and jeans to reflect their farm-fresh focus.

4. Korean-American Restaurant

For Korean-style restaurants, there are numerous ways of incorporating Korean motifs and patterns in your uniform. Check out the custom blue linen smock aprons and short-sleeve cream French terry tees adorned with a woven label at Korean-American fusion restaurant Parachute. They completed the look with black pants and sleek black sneakers for a modern, minimalist aesthetic that combines comfort and contemporary style.

6. Rustic Italian Trattoria

Dress your team in burgundy button-ups, black vests, long black bistro aprons, and black pants for an authentic Italian look. Add a pop of color with red or green striped ties. Trattoria locations around the world outfit their staff in crisp shirts, ties, and long aprons, in different iterations of red, black, grey, and white for a polished take on traditional trattoria style.

Leather shoes and matching belts add a finishing touch and are perfect for fine dining establishments under this category. Check out Stock's Italian Restaurant Uniform Ensemble for inspiration.

7. High-End Hotel Restaurant

For upscale restaurants, uniforms should be elegant and sophisticated yet practical. You can consider classic white dress shirts paired with black tailored vests and trousers for a timeless look. Black bow ties or neckties can add a touch of formality, while polished leather shoes complete the ensemble. If you are thinking of a more modern look, you might opt for slim-fit cuts and high-quality, comfortable fabrics.

Grey chambray button-ups and river blue aprons with custom webbing straps, as seen at The Clayton, are a good example of a modern take on the classic restaurant uniform. You can then complete any look with tailored black pants and leather shoes. Feeling a little more creative? Monogrammed aprons and custom name tags can enhance the personalized service often expected from restaurant employees of these venues.

8. Modern Museum or Art Gallery Cafe

Make your uniforms a work of art with all-black outfits (pants, shirts) and bold, single-color aprons in red, yellow, or blue. Add an artistic flair with asymmetrical cuts or colorblocked designs.

For example - Perth Museum's new uniform features t-shirts and sweatshirts with screen-printed graphic representations of the Stone of Destiny, aligning with the museum's brand identity. According to the museum, this fresh, dynamic look reflects the team's passion and enthusiasm, both in the museum and at the cafe.

Complement the look with stylish footwear to ensure staff can perform their duties comfortably throughout the day.

9. Parisian Brasserie

Channel French sophistication with white dress shirts, black bowties, long white bistro aprons, and black vests for bartenders, like the chic outfits at Le Select created by Stock. Add a French beret or neck scarf for an extra touch of Parisian flair, or consider incorporating classic French patterns like stripes or checks. Want to go classic? The legendary Balthazar in NYC dresses servers in crisp whites and long bistro aprons for a quintessential brasserie look.

10. Southwestern Cantina

Enhance your style with embroidered Western shirts, bandanas, dark jeans, and cowboy boots for a lively and festive flair. Cowboy boots are back in trend and show no signs of fading. For an added Southwestern touch, consider embroidered aprons and bolo ties. Bright colors like turquoise and coral can complement your vibrant decor beautifully. Texas fast casual chain Chuy's seamlessly incorporates Cantina colors through eclectic, colorful uniforms featuring a mix of printed and embroidered shirts.

11. 50s Inspired Diner

Take a trip back in time with retro dresses or bowling shirts, paper hats, and white aprons with contrast trim. Choose bold colors and vintage patterns for an authentic 50s look and add poodle skirts and saddle shoes to add to the retro charm. Classic diners like LA's Mel's Drive-In and Chicago's Ed Debevic's go all-out with period-perfect uniforms.

12. Elegant Tea Room

Exude vintage charm with floral print dresses, white aprons with lace trim, and pearl necklaces for your servers. Add ruffles, bows, and cameo brooches for extra detail. Alternatively, opt for classic restaurant uniforms to complement your tea room's decor. 

The Ritz London Tea Room exemplifies this approach with stylish uniforms that capture the vintage charm and sophistication of a traditional tea room.

13. Upscale Japanese Restaurant

Opt for a minimalist style with charcoal grey shirts with stand collars and black aprons with braided cotton straps, like the sleek looks at Momotaro designed by Stock. As with most uniforms, black pants and shoes are a staple. Nobu restaurants around the world also favor a black-on-black palette for their sushi chefs and servers. To add a unique touch, consider incorporating traditional Japanese elements such as subtle kimono-style wraps or obi-inspired belts, providing a modern twist on classic attire.

15. Fine Dining Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurants are beloved around the world and for very good reason. The colorful cuisine with its wide range and rich and diverse flavors reflects the diversity of India's cultural heritage. For fine-dining Indian restaurants, uniforms should reflect this while maintaining a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Traditional attire such as kurtas or sherwanis in luxurious fabrics like silk and brocade can create a stunning visual impact. Opt for rich, jewel-toned colors and intricate embroidery to enhance the opulence, and pair these with crisp white pants for a balanced and refined look.

Bukhara in New Delhi is a fine-dining restaurant renowned for dressing staff in opulent silk and brocade. Tamarind in London also incorporates luxurious kurtas in jewel tones and metallic embroidery.

Additional Tips for Designing Restaurant Uniforms:

  1. Ensure restaurant staff have at least two uniforms: Providing your restaurant staff with at least two sets of uniforms ensures they always have a clean, presentable outfit ready to go. This is especially important for busy restaurants with multiple shifts per day.
  2. Don't forget about chef wear: While front-of-house staff uniforms are important, don't neglect your restaurant's kitchen team. Invest in high-quality chef coats, aprons, and hats that are both functional and stylish.
  3. Consult with restaurant owners and staff: When designing uniforms, it's essential to get input from restaurant owners and staff. They can provide valuable insights into what works well in terms of comfort, practicality, and style. Involving your team in the design process can also boost morale and create a sense of pride in the uniforms.


In the restaurant industry, creating the perfect custom restaurant uniforms is key. From upscale steakhouses with luxurious tuxedo jackets to trendy vegan cafes with sustainable t-shirts, stylish and functional employee uniforms enhance your brand and the customer's dining experience.

Ready to unleash your restaurant's unique style and help your team look and feel their best? Get in touch with Stock today. From the hostess stand to the kitchen and everywhere in between, we'll ensure your staff is dressed to impress.