Shirt Collars and Why They Are Important For Your Hospitality Venue

A perfectly tailored collar makes all the difference for hospitality staff uniforms. Beyond decorative detail, the collar sets the tone — reflecting your venue's sophistication, style, and brand image.

By considering all options and requirements unique to your brand, you can select flattering collar styles that align with your brand. Let's explore various collar styles, including some of Stock's exclusive designs, to enhance your venue's look and staff comfort.

Men's Banded Collar Stock

Shirt Collar Basics

Collar points: Did you know the length and shape of collar points can transform a uniform's vibe? Each style sets a different tone, from sharp and sleek to soft and rounded.

Collar bands: The part of a collar that goes around the neck, collar bands are available in a variety of heights, proportions, stiffness, and thickness. The collar band proportions must be correct to ensure comfort throughout working days without restricting any movement. 

Spread: The space between collar points is known as the spread. This detail is particularly important to execute well for uniforms without ties. 

Stance: For a more flattering face-framing structure, the stance of a shirt collar is essential. Size and angle must be considered when designing a collar that complements your staff’s features. 

Collar Types

The Classic Button-down

Button-down Collar Unsplash

Button-down collars are a go-to for a relaxed yet put-together look. Ideal for Oxford shirts, they look best when the buttons are fastened to maintain neatness. When wearing a button-down collar, you can also keep the top button undone for a more relaxed aesthetic. You can also wear it with just about any casual tie knot, like a four-in-hand or Kelvin knot. Button-downs allow you to have fun with different textures and patterns.

The Banded Collar

Women's Banded Collar

For those who favor a contemporary, no-fuss look, the banded collar (also known as band collar) is a winner. It's sleek, simple, and versatile, great for chefs and creative professionals. It should be buttoned up for a clean appearance, with a comfortable fit around the neck.

Our updated Service Oxford, with its banded collar, offers a modern twist on traditional styles. Made from a proprietary 75/25 cotton-poly blend, it's durable, colorfast, and has a luxurious hand feel. The cleaner stitching and slimmer collar band, available in both long and short sleeves, make it a versatile choice for a contemporary look.

The Straight Point Collar

When it's time to dress to impress, the straight-point collar won’t miss. Its narrow points are perfect for pairing with a sharp suit and tie, making it a top pick for managers and event staff.

The straight-point collar should have crisp and sharp points, complemented by a smaller knot tie. It's best suited for narrow face shapes and adds a touch of elegance to traditional business wear, making it an excellent choice for formal meetings and events.

The Shawl Collar

Men's Shawl Collar

The shawl collar, designed for formal wear, should lay flat and smooth, emphasizing its sleek line. It's perfect for upscale environments and pairs well with a vest or suit jacket, for a sophisticated and tailored look.

Our Men's Black Double Breasted Shawl Collar Vest and Women's Shawl Collar Suit Coat are crafted for a sophisticated look. Designed for fine dining service, these pieces are perfect for upscale venues, offering a tailored fit with built-in stretch and a flattering cropped fit for the women’s version.

The Johnny Collar

Women's Stock Johnny Collar

This collar style should be kept neat with the top button fastened, offering a tidy and versatile look that can be easily dressed up or down.

Stock's Women's Johnny Collar Sweater Knit Polo offers a blend of casual and chic styles, ideal for various service industry roles.

The Black-Tie Wingtip Collar

Reserved for the most formal occasions is the wingtip collar. It's the collar of choice for tuxedo shirts, appropriate for gala events and upscale venues.

The wingtip collar should be starched for a crisp finish, with wingtips neatly sitting behind the bow tie. Keep other elements traditional and understated to let the prominent collar stand out.

The Spread Collar

Stock Women's Spread Collar

Spread collars make a fashion statement, especially with broader tie knots. It's important to ensure the collar points stay under the jacket lapels, adding a fashionable edge to any outfit and working well for those with rounder face shapes.

The Women's Wide Collar Blouse from Stock is perfect for those who prefer a bolder look. It's an ideal choice for adding a touch of elegance to the uniforms of hotel staff or event coordinators.

The Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar is a contemporary choice, suitable for tie knots like the Windsor. It's a great option for traditional venues that have a modern twist, but it's crucial to ensure the tie is proportional to the wide spread of the collar.

The Club Collar

The club collar, with its rounded points, works well with slim-fitting suits and is ideal for those aiming for a classic, sophisticated appearance. It's a distinctive choice that adds a flair to any uniform, ideal for establishments aiming for a classic, retro vibe.

The Tab Collar

Tab collars, where small tabs fasten together under a tie, provide a neat look. This collar style elevates the tie, making it a focal point, and is perfect for formal events where attention to detail is key. It's best paired with a simple, classic tie design and is ideal for occasions where attention to detail is paramount.

When pairing a tab collar with a tie, opt for a simple tie knot like a four-in-hand or half Windsor to let the collar be the star. To add to the appearance, you can also experiment with different textures and fabrics for the tie, like grenadine or knitted silk.

Stock's Collections

Stock collaborates closely with dining, hospitality, and entertainment venues to design the perfect tailored uniforms, including complementary collar styles.

Uniform for Kiriko Portland:

Kiriko Portland Stock Uniform

Our collaboration with Kiriko in Portland has resulted in unique pieces like the denim work shirt and banded collar popover featuring rare Japanese textiles for a truly distinctive look.

Uniform for Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse:

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Stock Uniform

The white tuxedo jacket with a black satin shawl collar is a centerpiece, combining jazz-age charm with modern trends, ideal for high-end hospitality environments.

Other Collar Styles

Cuban Collar

Also known as the "camp collar," the Cuban collar is a one-piece, flat, narrow collar with no collar stand. With a 1960s style, it’s perfect for casual, relaxed outfits. Choose vibrant prints and fabrics for Cuban collar short-sleeve shirts in warm weather.

Spear Collar

As the name suggests, the spear collar comes to prominent peaks on both sides. The elongated, pointed collar wings have a more formal look that works well for suits. Spear collars give shirts a sleek, geometrical look accented by sharp angles.

Mandarin Collar

Influenced in style by Chinese fashion, the straight-cut, narrow mandarin collar has short vertical points. It has a clean, modern aesthetic, common on slim-fit shirts and jackets.


Matching Collars and Fabrics: A suitable fabric can elevate a collar's look and feel. Stiff poplin suits the structured lines of a dramatic cutaway collar, holding the shape nicely. Breathable Oxford cloth provides a relaxed look for more casual button-down collars. Glossy fabrics complement the sleek lines of a wingtip on a dress shirt. Consider collar stiffness and how it interacts with the fabric drape to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Whether for formal sharpness or relaxed polish, the fabrics influence how collars look, feel, and function.

Collar Height

Finding the Right Proportion: Collar height isn't just a detail — it's about style and comfort. From standard heights for everyday wear to statement-making tall collars, there's a height for every preference.

Choose collar heights that are comfortable for your staff, considering their roles and activities. For example, staff in more active roles might prefer shorter, less restrictive collars.

Taller collars can convey formality and elegance, suitable for upscale venues, while standard heights are versatile for most settings. Consider incorporating taller collars for roles that interact with high-end clientele, like hosts, managers, sommeliers, and servers at formal restaurants or hotels. Standard collar heights remain versatile options for most front-of-house staff.

Finally, ensure the chosen collar height is consistent across all uniforms to maintain a cohesive brand image. This uniformity is key in presenting your guests with a professional and organized appearance.

Face Shape

Collars to Compliment You: Choosing a collar based on face shape will enhance the overall style and comfort. Round faces pair well with pointed collars, while angular faces can soften with curved collar points.

Offering a range of collar styles can accommodate the diverse features of your team, ensuring each member looks their best.

Consider having a trial period where staff can give feedback on different collar styles. This not only helps in finding the most flattering options but also boosts staff morale as they feel involved in the decision-making process.

While accommodating different face shapes, it is still important to maintain some uniformity and consistency in the overall collar style. This presents a professional, cohesive look for your team. Consider limiting the variations to pointed versus curved collar points, keeping other collar elements like height and fold-over amount consistent. The range of options can then blend comfort and style while still looking pulled together.

Shirt Collar Accessories

The Perfect Pairings: Collars and accessories are a match made in heaven. Whether it's a tie bar with a cutaway collar or cufflinks with a button-down, the right combination can elevate your uniform.

Imagine a wing collar without a tie. Implementing accessories like collar pins or collar buttons on the points can elevate the sophistication. They add refined polish suitable for high-end venues. For venues aiming for a premium feel, coordinating cufflinks with collar styles can add a subtle yet noticeable touch of elegance.

TL;DR: Essential Guide to Shirt Collars for Hospitality Venues

A shirt collar is one of the most important yet often overlooked details that strongly impacts the aesthetics and functionality of a uniform. For hospitality staff, understanding and properly utilizing different collar types can elevate both comfort and style:

  • Collars set the tone of an outfit: points, bands, spread, and stance all contribute to the style
  • Different collar types suit different aesthetics: casual, formal, modern, etc.
  • Consider face shapes: when selecting collars to complement your staff's features
  • Pair collars thoughtfully: with fabrics, accessories, and lapels
  • Maintain consistency across uniforms: for professional brand image
  • Collar height: impacts comfort and proportion
  • Unique collars (banded, Johnny collar) modernize: a classic style

Whether aiming for a relaxed, formal, or distinctly characteristic style, consider all collar factors — type, height, and accessories. Contact us at Stock to explore our wide range of collar offerings and find the perfect style for your uniform.