Upscale Resort Uniforms: A Guide to Stylish and Functional Resort Uniforms


An upscale resort blends luxury, comfort, and top-tier service. Every detail, from the architecture to the smallest decor element, is thoughtfully curated to create a refined and relaxing environment for guests. Staff uniforms must also reflect this upscale environment — they should be stylish, functional, and comfortable.

At Stock, we create uniforms that boost staff confidence and align with your resort’s unique character. Below, we outline important factors in choosing resort attire that perfectly fits your brand.

Why Custom Uniforms Are The Right Choice For Upscale Resorts

Upscale resorts rely on diverse roles, each requiring specific skills and attire. Whether front desk associates, housekeeping personnel, spa therapists, or dining staff, every member contributes significantly to the guests’ experiences. Resort hotel uniforms should mirror the resort's upscale ambiance, offer ease of movement, and withstand the rigors of their respective roles.

Resort Wear as a Brand Ambassador

Resort uniforms of the resort's brand and a symbol of its professionalism. A well-fitted, practical, elegant uniform enhances staff authority and contributes to the resort’s overall look. It instills a sense of pride and commitment in the staff, strengthening their dedication to their roles.

First Impressions Set the Tone

Even before a staff member extends a welcome, their uniform communicates the resort's branding and commitment to cleanliness, attention to detail, and respect for guests.

Stock's curated Light & Breezy Resort Uniform, with our Striped Cabana Shirt and Khaki Stretch Service Chino, exude a sense of relaxed elegance, suitable for many roles within a high-end resort.

Comfort and Functionality are Non-negotiable

Amid the dynamic setting of a resort, comfort, and functionality are as crucial as style. The uniforms should offer flexibility, durability, and practical elements like pockets for quick access to pens, keys, or communication devices.

Uniforms for Different Resort Roles

The nature of the service staff’s role can determine the specific requirements for their uniforms:

Front Desk Staff

The front desk staff act as resort ambassadors, requiring formal, comfortable uniforms. The attire should complement the unique design elements of the resort. Below, we look at two examples. While they are not exactly resorts, boutique hotels, The Bradley and Old No. 77 demonstrate well-designed uniform programs that any upscale resort can take inspiration.

The Bradley is an Indiana-based boutique hotel known for its bold designs. Their front desk uniforms incorporate blues and whites, with unstructured navy blazers and white banded collar Oxford shirts. For resorts with vibrant surroundings, similarly, toned-down color schemes can help staff blend in, providing a balanced aesthetic.

Meanwhile, Old No. 77, a boutique hotel in New Orleans, wanted a fresh and professional concept. We created a design featuring a charcoal chore coat, short sleeve ivory henley, and khaki stretch chinos. Upscale resorts with a historic or rustic look can choose uniforms that match their unique setting.

Regardless of design specifics, front desk uniforms should reflect the resort's brand identity, embodying elegance, comfort, and practicality.

Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping uniforms in upscale resorts hold an integral role in contributing to the overall aesthetic and brand identity. Well-crafted housekeeping uniforms, like the curated uniform kits offered by Stock, can enhance your housekeeping staff’s efficiency, give them a professional and polished look, and strengthen brand representation. 

Let’s take a look at these uniforms. The Casual Housekeeping Uniform includes a comfortable camp shirt and black jeans, providing style and practicality.

Meanwhile, the Hotel Housekeeping Uniform with Crossback Linen Apron is perfect for busy housekeeping tasks. Paired with a white service shirt and black stretch jeans, it ensures full coverage while adding a touch of sophistication and ease to daily operations.

Lastly, the Comfortable, Stylish Hotel Housekeeping Uniform offers a chic, practical design. The lightweight black polo and linen blend joggers are breathable, and the joggers feature an elastic waist and multiple pockets.

At Stock, we understand the balance between aesthetic appeal and the functional demands of a housekeeping role, delivering uniforms that seamlessly blend these aspects.

Spa Therapists

Spa therapist uniforms need to blend comfort and durability. In past projects, we've created water-resistant aprons using cotton duck fabric, a practical choice for protection from spa products and water.

We've also used a lightweight blend fabric that drapes smoothly, providing comfort during lengthy service periods. Accompanied by aprons made from sturdy cotton canvas with a water-resistant treatment, these uniforms resist service demands, making them ideal for spa therapists.

In summary, prioritizing water resistance, durability, and comfort while maintaining a relaxing aesthetic is vital when designing uniforms for spa therapists.

Dining Staff

Design and usability are two crucial aspects of dining staff uniforms.  Drawing inspiration from Momotaro, we could utilize aprons with contrasting suede straps affixed with metallic clasps engraved with the resort's logo.

Parachute's smock-style apron can be reimagined in sea-green chambray fabric with oversized pockets for a laid-back yet professional vibe. This could be paired with a bamboo fabric tee in sandy beige, with an embroidered logo for subtle branding.

For formal settings, the elegant vest from Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse could transform into a single-breasted version with a silk mandarin collar, offering a modern, classic fusion. Complementing this with a silk ascot tie would reinforce the high-end ambiance. 

Upscale Resort Staff Footwear

Upscale resorts must consider staff footwear an essential element of their uniform because it directly impacts service delivery and brand image. Besides enhancing brand aesthetics, neat and stylish footwear safeguards dining staff against slips and injuries. It ensures comfort during prolonged standing hours and facilitates swift, efficient service during peak times.

Front Desk Staff: Classic loafers or pumps in neutral colors, equipped with cushioned insoles and non-slip soles, convey professionalism while ensuring comfort and safety.

Housekeeping Staff: Prioritize comfort, slip resistance, and easy maintenance. Consider lightweight, water-resistant clogs or closed-toe sneakers designed with anti-slip features.

Spa Therapists: Choose lightweight, waterproof sandals with ergonomic footbeds in muted colors that enhance the spa's tranquil ambiance. Waterproof closed-toe sneakers are also available and provide a good balance of comfort and professionalism.

Dining Staff: Leather or faux-leather dress shoes, slip-ons, or ballet flats provide elegance and practicality. Opt for non-slip soles and comfortable insoles for smooth dining area navigation.

Uniformity and Customization: Uniform footwear helps to build the resort's brand. Offering different shoe sizes or spaces for orthotics can increase staff comfort and satisfaction, which can lead to better service.

Reflecting Brand Identity in Uniforms

At Stock, we bring resort brand identities to life through custom uniform design. We ensure attractive, functional, and cohesive workwear through a collaborative design process with every client. 

Functionality, durability, and style are balanced, with each uniform tailored to the demands of different staff roles. For instance, spa therapists' uniforms emphasize mobility and water resistance, while front desk attire leans towards formal elegance.

Footwear, a critical but often overlooked aspect, is integral to our design process. We recommend slip-resistant, comfortable options that enhance staff productivity and match the resort's aesthetic.

Our ultimate goal is for every uniform to be an extension of the resort's brand. In their attire, staff become walking ambassadors, promoting a coherent brand image and contributing to a seamless guest experience. With this approach, Stock makes uniforms more than just clothes – they become a key part of the resort’s identity.


Choosing the right resort upscale attire is vital in shaping your resort's brand identity and ensuring your staff's comfort. Stock's commitment to style, functionality, and comfort translates into various uniforms that can enhance your resort's aesthetic and boost your staff's performance. Trust Stock for your uniform needs, and let us assist in creating a lasting impression for your guests.