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The inspiration for Stock came from the simple idea that we could make really good clothing at the right price in America. We were regular guys without formal training in the apparel industry, so we had no choice but to start at the bottom, and dive in headfirst. The idea was to learn as much as we could about every facet of the industry- from the grunt work to the fun stuff. We took in a lot of information, worked with a lot of factories and vendors, and shook out the best in the industry. We honed our skills and developed our own way of doing things that's a mix of best of what we saw and things that we improved. Of course we made mistakes along the way, but they only made us smarter and our clothes better. 





As the brand has grown, so has our focus on the things that really matter: fit, fabric, and quality. We want everything to be just right, and obsess over the smallest details, from the hand of the fabric to the number of holes on a button.

We’re here to obsess over the garments so you don’t have to. We make clothing for the guys that just want to look good with minimal effort - not the "fashion" guys. We don’t give style tips, do runway shows, or talk about how fashion can change the world. We just want to make the best possible garments that you can trust to make you look your best.



Stock Mfg Chicago Menswear

Stock Mfg - Attention to Detail


If you’re looking for a way to describe Stock to a friend, tell them that we make menswear staples with a modern spin. Tell them we make clothes in Chicago. Or just tell ‘em we make the best damn clothes you’ve ever worn.





Jim Snediker

Mike Morarity
Creative Director

Tim Tierney
Head of Product



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