16 Best Bartender Uniforms From Around the World

We invite you to join us on a global tour, highlighting 16 exceptional bartender uniforms that exemplify diverse cultures, individual creativity, and restaurant styles.

At Stock, we understand these important considerations. 

This showcase aims to inspire you while planning your uniform program, providing unique ideas to make your bartenders stand out while aligning seamlessly with your brand's identity.

1. The Dead Rabbit (USA)

From Instagram, @thedeadrabbitpub

At this award-winning pub in New York, bartenders wear Irish-inspired uniforms in varying shades of green, highlighting the establishment's Celtic roots. 

The bartenders also usually don tees showcasing The Dead Rabbit's iconic logo in vibrant yellow, adding a striking touch to their outfits and reinforcing the pub's unique identity. These simple uniforms, made from light cotton fabric, promote a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, for which The Dead Rabbit has always been known.

2. The Baxter Inn (Australia)

From Instagram, @thebaxterinnsydney

At The Baxter Inn in Australia, the bar staff wear a smart yet relaxed aesthetic, featuring dress shirts and dirty white canvas aprons, mirroring the bar's friendly and unpretentious atmosphere. This attire represents a seamless fusion of traditional Australian casualness and a sophisticated speakeasy vibe, truly capturing the spirit of this beloved Sydney establishment.

From Instagram, @thebaxterinnsydney

3. Hotel Kansas City (USA)

Located in the heartland of America, Hotel Kansas City exudes historical elegance. The staff are attired in classic black suits, punctuated with a custom HKC logo pin, capturing the spirit of a bygone era with a contemporary flair. 

Venture deeper, and you'll find The Town Company, the hotel's culinary jewel, where bartenders are dressed in blue chambray shirts contrasted with hickory stripe aprons. Their attire pays homage to the city's rich history while celebrating the modern resurgence, setting the tone for an intimate and local dining experience.

4. Soho House (USA)

Set amidst the bustling cityscape of Chicago, Soho House offers a blend of British charm and American urbanity. The staff wardrobe echoes the refined English heritage intrinsic to the Soho House brand. 

Men don finely tailored chambray club collar shirts, twill double-breasted vests, corduroy bow ties, and wool herringbone trousers, reflecting a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic.

5. Nightjar (UK)

Nightjar is an acclaimed speakeasy-style cocktail bar in London. Here, the apron takes center stage in the uniform program. 

Bartenders can be spotted wearing floral and foliage aprons over regular dress shirts, or donning matching denim aprons with bright yellow stitches, creating a striking contrast and captivating aesthetic.

From Instagram, @nightjar

6. Bar Benfiddich (Japan)

From Instagram, @benfiddich_tokyo

Bartenders at Benfiddich, nestled in the heart of Tokyo, embrace a Japanese-inspired aesthetic that complements the bar's traditional ambiance. 

They wear dress shirts paired with plaid vests and add a splash of color with mismatched yet harmonious bowties and ties. 

Benfiddich, known for its use of unique, foraged ingredients, offers an unparalleled experience reflected in the eclectic style of its bartenders.

From Instagram, @benfiddich_tokyo

7. Dante (USA)

From Instagram, @dantenewyorkcity

Bartenders at Dante, a renowned New York bar, sport smart-casual uniforms of dress shirts and sturdy denim aprons, paired with matching bowties, emphasizing the bar's casual ambiance and approachability. 

The apron features subtle details like metal studs and the Dante logo as a focal point, enriching the overall look.

From Instagram, @dantenewyorkcity

8. The Clumsies (Greece)

From Instagram, @the_clumsies

In keeping with their casual, laid-back style, the bartenders at this Athenian bar wear simple t-shirts with the bar's logo, emphasizing the relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes, the bartenders wear leather or denim aprons.

From Instagram, @the_clumsies

9. Black Pearl (Australia)

From Instagram, @blackpearlfitzroy

At Black Pearl Fitzroy, bartenders don stylish uniforms that perfectly echo the bar's modern and effortlessly chic vibe. They wear colorfully patterned or denim shirts paired with aprons with striking brown straps. Further enhancing the ensemble, the aprons have practical and functional pockets for busy bartenders.

From Instagram, @blackpearlfitzroy

10. Sober Company (China)

From Instagram, @sober_company

At Sober Company, a standout establishment in Shanghai, bartenders don a variety of creative uniforms that echo the bar's unique blend of sophistication and quirkiness. 

Their attire ranges from sleek black dress shirts paired with striking leather aprons to lightweight vests accessorized with colorful bowties or ties. This sartorial variety, underscoring the bar's motto "Come sober, leave tipsy," reflects the adventurous and ever-changing nature of Sober Company while maintaining its high standard of elegance.

From Instagram, @sober_company

11. Goose Island Brewhouse (USA)

Stock crafted unique uniforms for Goose Island Beer Co. The Taproom staff wears embroidered chambray shirts with a custom co-branded label. The Clybourn Brewhouse team dons gray chambray short-sleeved shirts featuring custom engraved black buttons and location-specific embroidery.

12. Trick Dog (USA)

From Instagram, @trickdogbar

Embodying the bar's creative and eccentric vibe, bartenders at this San Francisco establishment can showcase their unique style. Their uniforms are versatile, from casual tees to dress shirts, paired with grey denim aprons. Bartenders can also add a personal touch to their aprons, with some deciding to accessorize with an assortment of pins and patches. This aligns with the establishment's playful theme and highlights its spirit of individuality.

From Instagram, @trickdogbar

From Instagram, @trickdogbar

13. Atlas (Singapore)

From Instagram, @atlasbarsg

At Atlas, the grand Art Deco-style bar, bartenders showcase the epitome of elegance and opulence with their attire. They wear crisp white shirts paired with sophisticated double-breasted suits featuring six buttons and three pockets, accessorized with black bow ties or ties. 

In a chic alternative, some bartenders opt for dark aprons adorned with gold stud buttons, adding a touch of modern flair to their classic style. These well-crafted uniforms reflect the bar's intricate attention to detail, mirroring the architectural grandeur of Atlas, a celebrated cocktail destination in Singapore.

From Instagram, @atlasbarsg

14. Speak Low (China)

From Instagram, @speaklow_shanghai

With its speakeasy concept, this Shanghai bar outfits its bartenders in French concession-era attire of vests, leather aprons, and ties, echoing the bar's unique theme. 

The bar, a sister company of Sober Company (see above), is renowned for its secret entrances and hidden rooms, evoking an air of intrigue and nostalgia. The thoughtful attire of the bartenders further enhances this atmospheric charm, beautifully mirroring the bar's commitment to authenticity and its subtle nod to Shanghai's historical past.

15. Employees Only (USA)

From Instagram, @employeesonlyny

Maintaining a classic speakeasy style that echoes the Prohibition era, this New York bar showcases bartenders dressed in white jackets and denim waist aprons. 

The jackets, crafted from durable material, feature an asymmetrical break line for an added touch of uniqueness. These white chef jackets also carry an embroidered dark blue label, proudly stating "Principal Bartender," exclusive for the establishment's lead mixologists. Furthermore, the unmistakable large "EO" letters embroidered on one arm add a distinctive finishing touch.

From Instagram, @employeesonlyny

16. Little Red Door (France)

From lrdparis.com

This chic bar is situated in Paris and boasts bartenders donning denim aprons over casual clothing, adding to its laid-back and modern ambiance. 

The staff sport blue aprons that proudly display the iconic Little Red Door logo, embroidered in the vibrant hues of the French flag — red and blue. This distinct dress code complements the overall eclectic character of the bar, making it an unforgettable haunt for lovers of sophisticated libations.

From Instagram, @littlereddoorparis

10 Tips for Bartender Uniforms

Unlock the potential of bartender uniforms with these ten insightful tips inspired by some of the world's best establishments.

  1. Brand Identity: Reinforce your bar's unique identity through uniforms. Incorporating the establishment's logo into the bartender's attire, as seen in The Dead Rabbit, can be a visual reminder of the brand.
  2. Comfort is Key: Ensure the uniforms are comfortable, lightweight, and suitable for a busy working environment, like The Dead Rabbit's light cotton tees and The Clumsies simple t-shirts.
  3. Aprons as Statement Pieces: As seen in Nightjar and Dante, aprons can be more than just functional — they can also make a significant fashion statement. An apron's design, material, and color can significantly enhance a bartender's look.
  4. Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to mix different styles and patterns, as seen at Benfiddich. Mismatched yet harmonious elements can provide visual interest and express the bar's creative spirit.
  5. Functional Details: Choose uniform designs that look good and are practical. Black Pearl's aprons with functional pockets are a perfect example.
  6. Flexibility: Give your staff some flexibility to personalize their uniforms. This can foster a sense of individuality and creativity, as demonstrated by Trick Dog's policy of allowing bartenders to accessorize their aprons.
  7. Elegance and Sophistication: If your establishment exudes elegance, like Atlas, make sure your bartenders' uniforms reflect this with classy suits, ties, and stylish aprons.
  8. Theme Matching: If your bar has a theme, such as a speakeasy-style of Speak Low, ensure your uniforms reflect that. It contributes to the overall atmosphere and customer experience.
  9. Honoring Tradition and History: Reflecting your brand's historical roots or heritage in your uniforms can make them even more meaningful. High Life Heritage's vintage-inspired uniforms are a great example of this.
  10. Distinctive Touches: Consider adding distinctive touches to make your uniforms stand out. For instance, Employees Only's jackets feature an asymmetrical break line embroidered with "Principal Bartender." These unique elements can make your uniforms memorable while fostering a sense of pride among your staff.

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