19 Best Hotel Uniforms From the US and Around the World

Uniforms in the hospitality sector go beyond serving as mere clothing; they act as an embodiment of the hotel's brand identity and story.

Stock transforms hotel uniforms into brand storytellers. We create functional, stylish uniforms that resonate with your hotel's identity, boosting staff morale and enhancing the guest experience.

Below, we share with you nineteen hotel uniforms from which you can take inspiration and draw similar ideas. These uniforms harmonize style, comfort, and durability, each setting a unique standard in the industry.

1. Ace Hotel (Worldwide)

From Instagram, @acehotelkyoto

With its various locations across key cities, Ace Hotel has established itself with eclectic and locally-inspired uniform designs. Uniforms across the boutique hotel chain usually comprise sturdy denim vests, aprons, and minimalist tees, encapsulating the essence of the brand's hip, unconventional ethos. 

These uniforms serve as an extension of the hotel's decor, forming a visual bond between the staff and the spaces they inhabit. This holistic approach to design allows guests to experience the brand's narrative at every touchpoint.

​​From Instagram, @acehotelsydney

2. The NoMad Hotel (USA and UK)

From Instagram, @thenomadhotel

Born in the heart of New York City, The NoMad Hotel provides a uniform that tastefully marries classic and contemporary design elements. 

Rich velvets, carefully chosen blue and purple hues, and sharp tailoring infuse the staff's attire with an Old-World charm, contributing to the hotel's overall aesthetic across its locations. 

The thoughtfully designed uniforms with a comfortable fit evoke a sense of nostalgia while maintaining a sophisticated modern appeal. Luxury hotels can learn a thing or two from The NoMaD.

From Instagram, @thenomadhotel

3. The Plaza Hotel (USA)

From Instagram, @theplazahotel

The Plaza Hotel in New York City is known for its rich history, and this is reflected in the uniforms of its staff. In the past, bellmen wore red tailcoats with gold details, showing off the hotel's grand and elegant style. 

Today, they wear smooth, black uniforms with gold accents. The outfits of the staff match the grand design of the hotel, creating a consistent look and feel that shows off the hotel's luxury and traditional style.

From Instagram, @theplazahotel

4. The Standard Hotels (Worldwide)

From standardhotels.com

The Standard Hotel's uniforms, much like its name suggests, offer a fresh, modern spin on traditional designs. Exhibiting minimalistic elegance sprinkled with vibrant color pops, these uniforms carve a distinctive visual niche in sync with the playful, chic vibes The Standard brand radiates.

Let's look at The Standard Bangkok's uniforms. 

This property, beautifully conceived by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon and The Standard’s award-winning in-house design team, houses an eclectic blend of concepts. Fah Chak WO+MAN’s designs for the F&B outlets provide an intriguing mix of sporty and luxe, aligning with the hotel's dynamic atmosphere.

From Fah Chak WO+MAN and The Standard, Bangkok

5. 1 Hotels (USA)

From Instagram, @1hotels

1 Hotel’s uniforms balance style and sustainability, embodying the brand’s commitment to environmental conservation. Organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other eco-friendly materials underscore the brand’s green ideology while ensuring fashionable utility. This thoughtful design strategy allows guests to appreciate the hotel’s dedication to sustainability on a tangible level, encouraging a dialogue on responsible consumption.

From Instagram, @1hotels

6. ME Dubai Hotel by Melia (UAE)

From Instagram, @medubaihotel

ME Dubai Hotel forms part of Opus Building, a striking work of art by Zaha Hadid Architects. The hotel carries its groundbreaking design ethos into its staff attire, balancing edgy and elegant. 

Uniforms for the F&B outlets like Roka, while minimalist, reflect the sophisticated and chic dining atmosphere.

From Instagram, @rokadubaiofficial

7. Morpheus Hotel (Macau)

Morpheus Hotel – Men’s Uniform Design, Barney Cheng Couture (Yenrabi Ltd.) / Hong Kong

Morpheus Hotel's uniforms are stylish and unique. They match the geometric design of the hotel, imagined by architect Zaha Hadid. 

The clothes are made from high-quality European fabrics and decorated with detailed embroidery. 

One of the city's top designers, Barney Cheng, made sure the uniforms look good and are comfortable. This way, staff can do their jobs well and represent the luxury brand of the hotel. They’re a key part of the special look and feel of the City of Dreams Morpheus.

Morpheus Hotel – Men’s Uniform Design, Barney Cheng Couture (Yenrabi Ltd.) / Hong Kong

8. Savoy Hotel (UK)

From Instagram, @thesavoylondon

At the Savoy, uniforms are steeped in rich tradition. 

Tailored suits, traditional pageboy outfits, and bespoke evening attire contribute to a visual narrative that underscores the hotel's prestigious history and quintessential English charm. The uniform

From Instagram, @thesavoylondon

9. Clayton Members Club & Hotel (USA)

Clayton members custom uniform design renderings

Nestled in Denver's lively Cherry Creek, this hotel embodies an alluring blend of a members club, café, restaurant, and boutique hotel. OaK Market, the hotel's café, showcases uniforms in muted grays and blacks, contrasted by river blue aprons — a clean look that subtly embodies the brand. 

Of a Kind, the Mediterranean-Californian restaurant, carries the same apron theme, but the staff exudes sophistication in Stretch Gray Service Chambray shirts. The shared uniform base between Of a Kind and the members club enables smooth transitions for the staff across venues, simply by switching apron colors.

10. Aman Resorts (Worldwide)

From Instagram, @aman

Aman Resorts' uniforms, known for their elegant simplicity, often take inspiration from traditional local attire. 

The designs emphasize comfort, quality, and harmony with the natural beauty of the resort's surroundings. This thoughtful approach to uniform design aligns with Aman Resorts' commitment to creating serene, luxurious spaces that reflect the local culture and environment.

From Instagram, @aman

11. Bulgari Hotels & Resorts (Worldwide)

From Instagram, @bulgarihotels

Bulgari’s uniforms embody Italian luxury. With high-quality fabrics and sleek, modern silhouettes, these uniforms capture the elegance of the Bulgari brand. 

Regardless of the region, each uniform showcases a tasteful design that speaks to the aesthetics of the Bulgari brand. With their dark color palette, the uniforms add an air of sophistication, seamlessly blending with Bulgari's commitment to luxury and high-quality service.

From Instagram, @bulgarihotels

12. Le Meurice (France)

From Instagram, @lemeuriceparis

Uniforms at Le Meurice, one of Paris's most revered hotels, bring an artistic touch to classic luxury. 

Traditional tailoring combines contemporary design elements to create a sense of timeless elegance and Parisian charm. These uniforms, like the hotel's interiors, offer a sensory feast that reinforces Le Meurice's status as a luxury hotel and a bastion of French art de vivre.

From Instagram, @lemeuriceparis

13. Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)

From Icehotel, https://www.icehotel.com/

At the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, staff uniforms are designed with an aesthetic that captures the spirit of the hotel's unique, icy environment. 

The design is adapted to complement the ever-changing ice architecture, while still offering essential insulation for the extreme cold. 

Colors usually draw from a palette reminiscent of the Arctic setting, blending icy blues and whites, and designs frequently incorporate elements reminiscent of frost, snowflakes, or other winter motifs and patterns. 

These uniforms not only offer a visual connection to the hotel's frosty ambiance but also ensure the staff's comfort and warmth amid subzero temperatures.

From Icehotel, https://www.icehotel.com/

14. Hotel Kansas City (USA)

Stock partnered with Hyatt for Hotel Kansas City, aiming to encapsulate the venue's intimacy, historic character, and local flavor through an elevated, handmade-style staff wardrobe. 

Within the hotel, The Town Company resonates with a regional homage, showcased through its bartenders donning blue chambray shirts and hickory stripe aprons. Similarly, servers, dressed in oatmeal heritage cotton henleys and coyote herringbone waist aprons, and wearing custom enamel pins, echo Kansas City's rich heritage. 

Meanwhile, El Gold, a western-inspired speakeasy, contrasts the hotel's refinement, striving for an upbeat vibe. Bartenders in custom stretch gray chambray shirts and gold cotton duck waist aprons, accessorized with an "outlaw" pin, exude this unique energy.

15. Giraffe Manor (Nairobi, Kenya)

From Instagram, @thegiraffemanor

Giraffe Manor's staff uniforms fit well with the old-style manor and its green surroundings. The uniforms have a safari look, using earth colors that match the local scenery. They have unique details like a vest with local patterns. 

The chef's uniform is also special, with a colorful local pattern on the collar. These uniforms help show off the hotel's location and its unique feature — the chance to interact with the resident Rothschild giraffes.

From Instagram, @thegiraffemanor

16. Burj al Arab (UAE)

From Instagram, @burjalarab

The uniforms at Burj Al Arab are inspired by traditional Emirati attire, giving a nod to local culture while exemplifying the opulence the hotel is known for. 

Some uniforms include men's white kanduras with gold trim and women's blue abayas with intricate golden embroidery. These uniforms elegantly reflect the hotel's luxurious aesthetic and its connection to the region's rich cultural heritage.

What's it really like inside the world's most luxurious hotel? |  Independent.ie

17. Hoshinoya Hotels (Japan and Indonesia)

From Instagram, @hoshinoya.official

Hoshinoya is a growing international hotel chain, but let's take a look at their uniforms in the place the hotel was born: Japan. Hoshinoya's staff uniforms reflect the tranquil elegance of the locale. 

They’re designed with inspiration from traditional Japanese workwear, incorporating unique styles of the Taisho era with subtle modern touches. Elegant, soft-colored kimonos paired with Hakama trousers offer an enchanting fusion of the old and the new, mirroring the country's essence.

From Instagram, @hoshinoya.official

18. The Leela Palace (India)

From Instagram, @theleela

Located in the heart of Rajasthan, The Leela Palace's staff uniforms echo the royal grandeur of the state. Intricately embroidered silk tunics in vibrant hues, paired with traditional turbans and saris and ornate jewelry, are a visual spectacle. 

These costumes, inspired by royal attire, are a testament to India's rich heritage and lend a regal aura to the palace hotel.

From Instagram, @theleela

Make a Statement with Stock

A good hotel uniform program provides a perfect chance to tell your hotel's story and set the tone for the guest experience. 

Based on our list above, you may draw inspiration from your local culture, hotel theme, or environmental commitments. You can even incorporate elements of your hotel's location or surroundings into the design of the uniforms to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Partner with Stock to craft custom uniforms that encapsulate your hotel's story and aesthetics, ensuring your staff stands out as much as your hotel does. 

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